Best Portable Fire Pits 2019

Best Portable Fire Pits 2019
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Best Portable Fire Pits Camping PatioWhen it comes to camping or simply lightweight and easy to carry sources of heat, portable fire pits are a superb option. They can use either propane or wood and while some are better for camping and others for patio use (or both), all of them manage to deliver the nice and comfortable experience we’ve come to expect from fire pits.

I’ll start by giving you my personal picks of what I consider to be the best portable fire pits for both camping and patio use. After that you can use the comparison table to get a quick overview of all the units and further below you can read an in-depth analysis of each.

Best Portable Fire Pit

Solo Stove Bonfire

It delivers everything that an excellent fire pit should while remaining lightweight and easy to carry. It’s durable, effective and beautiful to boot. While there are a few fantastic units that compete with this one, this is the best portable fire pit for the price.

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Best Camping Fire Pit

Little Red Campfire

Superb design meets potent heat and a great price. The Little Red Campfire is the best camping fire pit you can get, delivering an easy to use and even easier to carry package that puts out some serious heat (65,000 BTU). It’s very well-designed and durable as well, ensuring it lasts for years.

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Best Portable Fire Pits

Fire Pit Fire Sense Folding Fire Pit Camco Portable Propane Fire Pit Sunnydaze Portable Folding Fire Pit Solo Stove Campfire Heininger 5995 Little Red Campfire Camp Chef Del Rio Gas Fire Pit Solo Stove Bonfire Double Flame Patio Fire Pit
Price $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $$$ $$$
Type Wood Burning Propane Wood Burning Wood Burning Propane Propane Propane Wood Burning Wood Burning
Best Use Patio Both Patio Camping Both Camping Patio Both Patio
Heat Output (BTU) Wood - n/a 65,000 Wood - n/a Wood - n/a 58,000 65,000 55,000 Wood - n/a Wood - n/a
Special Feature Foldable Legs Foldable Legs Foldable Legs Very Efficient + Durable Smart Design + Compact Beautiful Copper + Large Bowl Effective + Smokeless + Durable Big + Smokeless + Lasts a Lifetime
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year Lifetime Limited Limited 1 Year 1 Year Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Best Portable Fire Pit Reviews

Below you can read thorough reviews of each unit that got selected, ensuring that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Fire Sense 29-Inch Folding Fire Pit

This portable wood burning fire pit by Fire Sense is popular due to its super cheap price, easy setup and good looks. It measures 29” in diameter and is 17” tall although the legs can be folded in order to easily carry it. To further help its mobility, it only weighs 10 lbs. The design is great and the included goodies are too such as the useful carrying bag, a wood grate and spark screen but the real drawback is in the quality of the construction and materials. The metal legs bend easily and due to the bowl being thin, it rusts very quickly. The ashes themselves will also corrode the bottom of the bowl if left unclean. This is to be expected from a lower-end choice but just keep in mind that it won’t last for too long, even with proper care. It’s quite flimsy but for this insanely low price you won’t find better.

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Camco Portable Propane Outdoor Campfire with Foldable Legs

Camco delivers a budget portable gas fire pit that performs surprisingly well and is built with care too. This unit looks good and works nicely as well, offering you a great heat output of 65,000 BTUs. The burner measures 14.5” and the body is 8” tall, making for a small but powerful portable fire pit. It’s well built and features sturdy foldable legs, the materials used hold up quite nicely especially since they don’t have to endure the punishment of a wood fire. It comes with a set of lava rocks to radiate the heat, a storage bag and an 8 feet hose and regulator that you simply connect to a propane tank. Camco’s portable propane fire pit positively surprised me. It gives you a great experience at a very inexpensive price without sacrificing much quality.

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29 Inch Portable Folding Fire Pit by Sunnydaze

This Sunnydaze unit is a higher-quality version of the previously seen Fire Sense one. They have similar designs and materials but this one offers a few improvements that make it better. It has the same diameter of 29” and height of 17” but the real upgrade comes in the base and legs. Their construction quality is better and so is the functionality – they are separate from the bowl itself for more versatility. While the firepit features a temperature resistant finish, you should still clean the ashes as soon as possible due to their corrosive nature (that’s what corrodes the bowl, not the heat). You should also fire it up once before using to get rid of the paint smell and fumes. It comes with a carrying case, a spark screen, a fire poker and 1 year of warranty as well. Although the bowl is still of thin steel, the improvements to the rest of the body make it worth the small price increase.

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Solo Stove Campfire – Compact Wood Burning Camp Stove for Camping

The “Campfire” is a portable wood burning fire pit by Solo Stove that brings you a modern and smart design that’s both effective and inexpensive. Due to its super compact size (9.5” tall and 7” wide), it’s a fantastic choice for camping, especially due to its cooking ring. The ring allows you to place a pot on top of it to cook vegetables or even a frying pan to cook some delicious bacon. Even without other accessories you can use the open flames to cook marshmallows and boil water, I was truly impressed with its camping capabilities. This cheap bonfire pit features solid construction with durable steel and keen craftsmanship, ensuring that it lasts a long time. Its uniquely designed body and airflow system make for quick and efficient fires while also making them nearly smoke-free. Another bonus for campers is that you don’t need to bring a gas tank with you – just gather some dry twigs, leaves and pinecones and you’ve got yourself a fire. Plus, it only weighs 2.2 lbs. This is clearly more aimed at outside adventures and that’s where it really excels, making it one of the best camping fire pits I’ve used. The inexpensive price is a bonus.

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Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

It’s popular for a reason, this Heininger portable gas fire pit perfectly blends mobility with looks and performance, delivering an enjoyable experience that fits perfectly in both your patio or outdoors and camping. It’s lightweight (weighs 23 pounds) but has a nice overall size, measuring 11” in height and 19” in diameter. The maximum heat output is potent (58,000 BTUs) ensuring that you feel the heat even if you aren’t close. It’s well built as well, featuring a stainless steel body with a high temperature powder coat and enamel that extends the life of the fire pit considerably. The flame knob is effective and easy to use. It comes with a 10 ft. hose with a regulator (ready to attach to a 20 lb propane tank) and a set of decorative fire rocks. I was impressed with its quality and performance, which for a cheap portable fire pit was beyond good. It’s a great choice.

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Little Red Campfire Portable Propane Outdoor Camp Fire by Camco , Approved For RV Campgrounds

It’s handy, super light and beautiful. The “Little Red Campfire” (or “Big Red Campfire” – the bigger version), is a small but potent portable propane fire pit that has a unique and very effective design. Its cover serves as its own storage and carrying case, with clamps that securely attach to the base of the fire pit itself and a strap on top for you to carry it. The fire tray is 11.25” in diameter (or 13.25” if you get the big version) and elevated from the ground to keep the heat off of surfaces. The size is great for both warmth and utility, easily heating up a frying pan if needed. It’s potent as well, giving off a maximum of 65,000 BTUs. You’ll feel the comfortable heat wave around the fire pit and this much power quickly deals with other activities too such as boiling water. This unit comes with 1 year of warranty, an 8 foot propane hose and adjustable regulator (which connect to a 20lb propane tank) and a set of faux log pieces. The body is very sturdy and well crafted, everything fits perfectly in place from the hose to the clamps and you won’t have to worry about a cover for rough weather since its carrying case acts as one. The Little Red Campfire is one of the best camping fire pits I’ve ever used and I can’t help but love its smart and beautiful design and potent heat. The incredibly attractive price is the cherry on top.

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Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Del Rio ‘Matchless ignition’ Gas Firepit

Looks, size and versatility, the Del Rio portable fire pit has it all. From the incredibly beautiful copper fire bowl to the uniquely designed dark steel base, it has a touch of elegance and class that sets it apart from the rest. It’s 11.5” tall and the outer ring has a 29” diameter while the fire bowl itself is 24”. This size gives you plenty of space to build some great and good-looking fires while the 55,000 BTUs ensure a nice and warm atmosphere around it. The body is made of substantially thick steel, making it durable and resistant to use and weather. It comes with a 5 foot hose and regulator to connect to a propane tank, which works perfectly but is a bit short so I highly recommend that you get longer one with it if you don’t already own one. It’s light enough to move around and use on outdoor adventures while also being big and beautiful enough to use as a steady patio fire pit. The Del Rio is one of the best portable propane fire pits I’ve had. Not only is it fairly priced but it’s also easy to use, versatile and stunning to look at. I highly recommend it.

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Solo Stove Bonfire – Super Efficient Backyard & Patio Fire Pit

Solo Stove’s famous “Bonfire” is the much larger and more patio-oriented model of their fire pit line. While the “Campfire” model was made for camping, this one is made to sit in your patio and offer a fantastic experience to you and your friends. Featuring their trademark double combustion airflow system, it offers you effective and nearly smoke-free fires which is a fantastic feature for wood burning fire pits to have. This portable fire pit stands at 14” of height and has 19.5” of diameter, a size that gives you enough depth and space to create big fires while its 20 lbs weight allows it to remain super easy to move around. The stainless steel used is fairly thick and handles use and weather very well although it’s always best if you cover it when possible. This is a truly great portable fire pit that will offer you years of warmth and fun.

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Double Flame Patio Fire Pit | Wood-Burning, Smoke-less, Portable, Stainless Steel Fire Pit for Backyard | Made in America

An award-winning beauty and one of my all-time favorite fire pits, by far. I’ve also listed it in my “best wood burning fire pits” list and due to its size and weight it’s a perfect fit for the best portable ones as well. From its beautiful design to its tank-like durability, it sets the bar higher than all of the competition. Featuring a thick, heavy-duty stainless steel body, it will endure use and abuse with ease and even if you leave it outside uncovered in the rain for years it will never rust. This thing will last you a lifetime. It’s 16” tall and measures 22” in diameter which makes it a large unit that can hold big roaring fires and heat a very large area around it. Due to its minimalistic and effective design it ends up weighing only 42 pounds even with its big size, making it very easy to move around. The craftmanship is truly astonishing and best of all it’s 100% Made in America. After a few weeks or months of use, it will develop a golden patina that only further amplifies its beauty. It’s more expensive than the others but you truly get what you pay for. Even without care and attention this beast will endure the elements and give you endless years of pure enjoyment. It is the best portable fire pit you can get.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the article and that you’ve found your brand new portable fire pit!

If you’re interested in more, take a look at the full fire pits list here, it’ll show you the best units you can get of each different type instead of just the portable ones.

Don’t forget to leave your opinions in the comments section below, I’ll do my best to read and reply. Thank you!

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