Best Bistro Sets 2019

Best Bistro Sets 2019
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Best Bistro SetsTraditionally French and as charming as ever, the elegant bistro set is a surefire way to instantly give your patio a classy and authentic European ambiance. While the classic metal bistro sets are compact and tall, there are also more modern takes on the traditional bistro set that offer different sizes, varied materials, wider seats and even cushioning to improve comfort. We’ll be taking a look at the best bistro sets you can get, all of which have been personally tested, thoroughly reviewed and even compared for you, ensuring you find the perfect one. Let’s take a look!

Best Bistro Sets

These are the best bistro sets for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for you.

Bistro Set International Caravan Mandalay Bistro Set Cloud Mountain Iron Bistro Table Set Strathmere Allure Bistro Set Hanover Traditions Outdoor Bistro Set Paris Outdoor Cast Aluminum Bistro Set Tortuga Outdoor Biloxi Bistro Table Set PHI VILLA Cast Aluminum Bistro Set
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$$ $$$
Material Iron Wrought Iron Steel + Wicker + Glass Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum Steel + Wicker + Glass Cast Aluminum
Tabletop Size 30" Diameter 20" Diameter 27"x27" (LxW) 32" Diameter 27.5" Diameter 20"x20" (LxW) 32" Diameter
Warranty 30 Days 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 30 Days 1 Year 5 Years
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Bistro Set Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the units shown above. This lets you know exactly what they have to offer, ensuring you make the perfect choice.

International Caravan Mandalay Iron Bar Bistro Set, Antique Black

The cheapest choice on the list, this beautifully designed cast iron bistro set delivers solid quality and classic looks at a very affordable price. The set consist of 2 bar-height stools and a matching table, all of which feature the typical french bistro styling. Every piece is made of a durable powder coated iron, which is fairly resistant to the weather and also has an antique look to it. The table measures 30″ in diameter and stands at 39″ of height, making it quite spacious while also being slim and compact. When it comes to comfort the foot rests work wonders and the seats themselves are surprisingly great but they’re even better if you get a couple of seat cushions. The overall detailing of the set is fantastic and so is its sturdiness but the iron body, even if powder coated, leaves it a little susceptible to the elements if left outside during rough weather. You can counter this by giving it a rust-oleum coat and by covering it when it rains. Assembling the set is a piece of cake and it comes with the standard 30 days of warranty. Overall this is a really solid bistro set that offers a great amount of value for the price, making it an especially good option if you’re on a budget.

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Cloud Mountain Outdoor Wrought Iron Bistro Set with Cushions, Brick Red

This modern 3 piece wrought iron bistro set by Cloud Mountain focuses on comfort, offering plump cushioning and shorter pieces while still maintaining the compact design of traditional bistro sets. The set’s composed of two armchairs (with the cushioning included) and one small bistro set table, all of which are made of wrought iron that has been powder coated with a bronze tone, improving its durability and appearance. While aluminum is always better for outside use, the powder coated iron still does a fine job as long as you maintain it. Design wise the set’s pretty interesting, especially the bow legged chairs that make it both unique and more comfortable. The polyester cushioning is weather proof and super thick, making it very comfy while the 20″ diameter table sits at a 17.5″ of height, making it just the right size to use while sitting. It’s also easy to assemble and comes with 1 year of warranty. If you want a more comfortable, contemporary bistro set without breaking the bank, this is a good choice.

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Strathmere Allure 3-Piece High-Dining Bistro Set

With a uniquely good looking modern design, great quality and fantastic comfort to boot, this wicker bistro set by Hanover stands out from the rest. The set consists of 2 deep-seating wicker armchairs and 1 glass-top wicker table with all of the pieces featuring sturdy steel frames and hand-woven resin wicker covers. Size wise, this set’s spot on. From the chair height to the table dimensions (27″x27″ top), it has the traditional french bistro set sizing that lends it an extra level of class and versatility. The seats are very comfortable not only due to the shape but also because of the thick cushioning (made of weatherproof polyester) that comes included plus the table’s got a shelf below the top, giving you a really handy storage space. From the materials to the colors, the set looks great and its construction quality ensures that it’ll last. Assembly is a breeze and it comes with 1 year of warranty, wrapping the whole package nicely. Hanover’s Strathmere Allure successfully delivers a more modern take on the classic style that makes this black bistro set positively stand out.

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Hanover Traditions 3-Piece Deep-Cushioned Outdoor Bistro Set

Another entry by Hanover, this beautiful bistro set from the super popular Traditions furniture line combines class, comfort and construction quality to offer you a truly great experience at a very attractive price. The set features 2 elegant armchairs with a swivel rocker base and cushioning plus a matching 32″ diameter table. All of the pieces are made of Hanover’s trademark cast aluminum blend, making them robust and rustproof while the included cushions are also weatherproof due to their polyester body. The whole set looks wonderfully rich not only due to the intricately detailed frames that feature a lattice-accented basket weave design but also due to its gorgeous antique finish, bringing a luxurious presence to your patio. Comfort is also king with this set, from the table’s size to the chairs’ smooth swivel rockers, shape and cushioning, you’re guaranteed to feel relaxed and have a great time. The assembly is very straightforward and the whole set comes with 1 year of warranty. It’s also available in 3 different colors (only the cushioning changes) – blue, red and tan (pictured) all of which look fantastic. The Tradition’s popularity is deserved, it’s an incredible bistro set.

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Paris Outdoor 3pc Copper Cast Aluminum Bistro Set

Simply put, this tall outdoor bistro set is one of the very best you can get. From its beautifully classic design to the traditional french styling and dimensions, this is a truly brilliant unit that offers you everything that makes bistro sets so excellent. The set consists of 2 chairs and 1 table, all of which are made of cast aluminum and styled in an elegant and classic manner. On top of the stunning design, it also features an antique copper finish that really takes the set’s appearance to another level – it’s luxurious and makes the intricate detailing pop, giving the set a strong presence. When it comes to dimensions, the table measures 27.5″ in diameter and stands at 43.25″ of height, making it the perfect size to accompany the 2 matching chairs. The chairs themselves are very comfortable, even without cushioning, not only due to the seat’s shape but also due to the footrest. As a bonus they also swivel 360º, perfectly adapting to your needs. Every piece is expertly crafted and due to their weatherproof aluminum body, they’ll last a lifetime. Assembling the set is quick and easy plus it comes with the standard 30 days of warranty. High quality in every sense of the word, this is easily one of the best bistro sets you can get.

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Tortuga Outdoor Biloxi 3 Piece Swivel Wicker Bistro Set

With this set, comfort is king. From the extremely modern design to the lower seats, swivel bases and incredible cushioning, relaxation is a guarantee. Both chairs are covered in dark wicker (white also available), even the bases, and come with beautifully plump polyester cushioning that looks as good as it feels. The back cushion is super comfy while the seat one is harder, which I like as it makes it easier to use the table and swivel around. The 20″x20″ (length x width) bistro table has a tempered glass top, a matching wicker body and its height (20 inches) makes it perfect to use while sitting. All of the pieces have a sturdy steel frame that makes them robust and durable plus the resin wicker is also weatherproof, allowing you to leave the set outdoors without worrying. This set’s similar to the Strathmere wicker bistro set seen above, although instead of preserving the traditional design it goes for a more contemporary look – quite successfully in my opinion. Assembly is easy and it comes backed with 1 year of warranty too. For wicker lovers that want an elegant, modern and very comfortable bistro set, this is a fantastic choice. Also, if you’re looking for a white bistro set (which is hard to find), this is a great option – simply pick the color on the product page.

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PHI VILLA Cast Aluminum Bar Height Bistro Set

The most excellent modern take on the traditional bistro set I’ve ever seen, this cast aluminum beauty by PHI VILLA is one of the very best outdoor high top bistro sets I’ve had. It features the best qualities of the classics such as the dimensions and compact elegance while adding its own touches such as unique handmade patterns, interestingly designed pieces and comfortable swiveling seating. The set consists of 2 swiveling armchairs and 1 beautiful matching table, all of which are made of durable cast aluminum that has been powder coated with an antique finish, further improving its appearance and resistance to weather. The chairs are not only handsome and expertly crafted but they also have extra wide seats, curved backs and plump cushioning, making them a pleasure to sit on. The table’s just as good, measuring 32″ in diameter and 41″ in height while also offering a sturdy base and an intricately detailed top that even has an umbrella hole. This is a rare feature in bistro tables as they need to be quite robust to allow this, which this one certainly is, allowing you to get some relaxing shade if you desire. Every piece is weatherproof, including the cushions, so you can use it outside all year round plus it comes with a nice and long 5 year warranty. Assembling it is straightforward as well and you’ll notice the finer details that make this set so great such as the adjustable feet height (to make it level, always) and the clean, perfectly crafted construction. Phi Villa did a fantastic job with this bistro set and I highly recommend it.

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Nothing beats a refreshing drink or even just a nice chat while sitting on one of these.

Over the years I’ve also found quite a few that offer great value at very inexpensive prices, you can take a look at them over on the cheap bistro sets list.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the guide and, as always, thanks for reading!

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