Best Cheap Gazebos 2020

Best Cheap Gazebos 2020
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Cheap Gazebos

Not all good things need to be expensive as these great cheap gazebos will show you. The secret is to find units that don’t sacrifice quality for a price cut but instead reinvent their size or features to be able to offer a quality experience at an affordable price. I’ve tried dozens of these things and was able to make a selection of the ones that stay true to that “secret” – making them the best cheap gazebos you can get. I’ve listed them and reviewed them to help you make your choice, so let’s not waste any more time and get to finding the perfect one for you.

While this article will focus on affordable choices, feel free to read the main best gazebos list to see the overall top rated units.

As a word of caution, cheap gazebos do tend to have either thinner frames or canopies that are more vulnerable to rough winds so you’ll probably have to get a replacement canopy eventually. Thankfully they’re also very affordable so it’s not much of a nuisance.

Cheap Gazebos

These are the best cheap gazebos for sale on the market.

Gazebo sunjoy Soft Top Grill Gazebo sunjoy Regency II Gazebo Sunjoy Madison Pavilion Hex Gazebo GDF Sonoma Outdoor Gazebo Steel Frame Gazebo 300D Sunjoy Sonoma Wicker Gazebo
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$$
Size (In Feet) 5x8 10x12 11.4x13.2 9.8x9.8 8x8 10x12
Special Feature Led Lighting Hexagon Shape + Nice Design + Sturdy Great Bang for your Buck + Drapes and Netting Included Small but Durable + Classy Detailing Beautiful Wicker Covering + Classy + Drapes and Netting
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 3 Months 1 Year 1 Year
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Cheap Gazebo Reviews

Here you can read a thorough analysis of each cheap gazebo listed above. This will help you to really get to know each unit and what they have to offer.

Sunjoy 8’x5′ Soft Top Grill Gazebo w/ Led Lights

It’s the cheapest gazebo on the list and the only of this super inexpensive price-level that I can recommend. While most of the gazebos offered at this price tend to heavily compromise quality to cut the tag, this one actually manages to deliver a solid experience at an unbelievably low price. Its size (I’ve found it to be slightly smaller than 8’x5′ as stated) makes it big enough to cover a grill, for example, and the handy side shelves and hooks make it easy to place tools, beverages and anything else you need. For the price it’s decently built, the steel frame holds up well and so does the fabric canopy but the aluminum ribs on top are easily bent with any kind of weight. The vent helps the canopy to deal with rough winds to prevent this but remember to be extra careful during assembly as well to avoid dents and bending. As a bonus it also has built-in led lights that although not very powerful, still give you a helping hand when it gets dark. It’s easy to assemble even if you do it alone and it comes with 1 year of warranty. While it has its flaws, mainly on durability, it still offers good value for the price and looks great on a patio. At such a stunningly low price, it’s one of the best grill gazebos on the market.

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Sunjoy Regency II Gazebo with Mosquito Netting

The Regency II is a super cheap gazebo by Sunjoy that can be described as a bigger and more complex version of the model seen previously. It shifts the focus from grilling to recreation and relaxation, giving you enough room to fit a furniture set below the 10′ by 12′ shade. As you can see the canopy design is quite similar to the other one except it’s larger and available in 3 different colors – brown, green and maroon. The polyester fabric is decent both in terms of durability and color vibrancy but the frame itself isn’t as sturdy as I’d like. Although it’s made of steel, it’s pretty thin and prone to bend, especially if you live in windy area. Even then, it’s still powder coated to make it rust proof and the frame’s styling makes it extremely easy to assemble, although I still wish it had more heft and resilience to it. It stands at 8’7″ in height at the very top, giving your outdoors a nice presence and although it only weighs 95 lbs it comes with ground spikes to give it stability. There are a few extra features that you’ll appreciate such as a mosquito netting, corner shelves, plant rings and a central hook to install a light if you wish. Overall it’s a good looking, if flimsy, cheap gazebo that offers you a surprisingly large size at a very low price. If you’ve got stable weather and no rough winds, it’s a solid option.

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Sunjoy 11.4’X 13.2′ Madison Pavilion Hex Shape Soft Top Gazebo

Yet another Sunjoy entry, the Madison is a hexagonal cheap outdoor gazebo that reinforces the brand’s position as one of the most successful at making quality affordable products. It’s 11.4′ long and 13.2′ wide, making it a considerably big unit that can easily fit a full furniture set below its shade and still have room to spare. The frame’s made of steel (and the detailing of aluminum) but also well constructed design wise, adding a lot to its durability and overall structural resilience. You also have a nice set of features such as hooks for plants and a handy shelf on the side that is great for placing drinks. The hexagonal canopy has a distinct classy look to it and the polyester fabric will keep it looking good for years. It also has a vented top to add to its beauty and resistance against the elements, which is always appreciated. The assembly is incredibly fast and easy, especially if you watch the excellent instructional video available on the unit’s page. With 1 year of warranty to wrap up the whole package, this cheap gazebo strikes a good balance between quality and price.

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GDF Sonoma Outdoor Gazebo with Net Drapery (Beige)

Great Deal Furniture’s most popular cheap gazebo with sides – the Sonoma – brings the quality up quite a few notches above the previously seen models, delivering a sturdy, handsome and fully featured gazebo at a discount price. Starting with the size, it’s square shaped and around 9.8′ by 9.8′ with the height being 8.9′ at the very top. This is a compact and versatile size, allowing you to place a decently sized furniture set below the cover while still being able to fit the gazebo pretty much anywhere. Even though it’s a cheap small gazebo, the steel frame positively surprised me due to its thickness and quality, although the aluminum canopy ribs can still bend with sufficiently powerful winds (even if the vented top helps to prevent this). When it comes to the fabric used, the canopy is made of polyester which makes it colorfast and resilient, much like the good looking drapes and mosquito netting that accompanies it. The assembly is also quite quick and straightforward, taking around 2 hours alone although having someone to help makes things much easier. GDF Studio offers a 3 month warranty on the unit and a 30 days “no questions asked” return period. The Sonoma got its fame for a reason – it offers a beautiful and valuable package at a very accessible price.

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8’x8′ Steel Frame Gazebo with High-Grade 300D Canopy

Now this was a find. I ran into this while searching through the dozens and dozens of cheap garden gazebos available, thought the materials used were great for the price and decided to buy it. My gut was right! This 8′ by 8′ unit delivers a full steel body, giving the canopy a lot more resilience than the commonly used aluminum, and the high-grade polyester fabric is as handsome as it is durable. The scroll detailing of the frame is elegant and really gives a distinct look to the whole gazebo. All of the body is powder coated to prevent rust and the matte black color fits perfectly with the beige canopy. When it comes to wind resistance, even though the unit itself won’t dent or bend like others, it’s still pretty lightweight so it’s a must to hook it down (hooks included). The vented top lets light and wind in, helping it to deal with the wind, and it’s also screened to keep the bugs out. It comes with 1 year of warranty and it’s also very easy to assemble. When it’s up it’s as stylish as it seems and while it’s not very large, if you want a smaller but durable and elegantly designed unit then this cheap metal gazebo won’t disappoint.

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Sunjoy 12’x10′ Sonoma Wicker Gazebo, Large, Brown/Gold Trim

When it comes to the best cheap gazebos, the wicker version of the popular Sonoma stands at the top. The beautiful wicker coverage, sleek canopy design and attention to detail all make this unit look much more expensive than what it really is, especially due to its 12’x10′ size. With the natural brown, tan and gold color combination, it brings a classy look to your patio and can fit nearly any decoration style – it’s also the closest you’ll get to a cheap wooden gazebo. The frame’s made of black powder coated steel and it’s pretty resilient – including the canopy ribs. It also comes with a set of matching curtains and mosquito netting which are handy and look great. The only real downside I’ve noticed is that rough winds can still punish the gazebo, especially if you don’t bolt it down to the ground. It comes with ground hooks but I’d recommend going an extra step forward if you live in a windy area and either weighing or bolting it down to give it a needed upgrade to stability. The canopy can also start to develop weak spots due to over-stretching for example but you can always contact customer service if it happens. It comes with 1 year of warranty and the assembly is fairly easy although I still recommend you to do it with a friend to make it faster. Overall, this beauty delivers an incredible amount of style at a very affordable price and if you take the necessary stability precautions, it’ll give you a deeply enjoyable experience.

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While they are certainly hard to find among the hundreds of cheap options, these select inexpensive gazebos offer a lot of value and quality even at budget prices. It’s all about finding the right balance.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that I’ve helped you pick your new gazebo! Don’t hesitate to leave your opinions below, I do my best to read them all.

4 thoughts on “Best Cheap Gazebos 2020”

  1. Hey Jack, I don’t comment often but you absolutely deserve it. I’ve been enjoying my Sunjoy Madison for a couple of weeks and had to come back to say thanks for your recommendation. Keep up the great work!
    – Charles

    1. Hey Charlie, thanks for taking the time to share your experience and for the kind words as well. I’m happy to know I’ve helped, enjoy the shade!

  2. Patricia Iredale

    Really nice guide Jack, it was a huge help and it’s beautifully well written too. I think it’s excellent that you take the time to show some great value picks, ended up getting the Sonoma because I LOVE wicker! Thank you xoxo

    1. It’s my pleasure to help Patricia. The Sonoma is a beauty, excellent choice especially if you’re a fan of wicker. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your new gazebo – just in time for Spring!

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