Best Outdoor Tables 2019

Best Outdoor Tables 2019
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Best Outdoor TablesOutdoor tables are the corner stone of any patio, giving you the opportunity to peacefully enjoy your surrounding environment for both dining or simply having long conversations. Unlike their indoor counterparts, outdoor tables need to have an extra layer of resilience in order to endure the elements while also delivering the traditionally beautiful and convenient experience of regular ones. Today we’ll be looking at the very best outdoor tables you can get, some of which even have umbrella holes which match beautifully with their use.

Best Outdoor Tables

These are the best outdoor tables for sale on the market, compared for you.

Outdoor Table Home Styles Biscayne Round Outdoor Table Mosaic Steel Mesh Round Dining Table Home Styles Biscayne Oval Outdoor Table Home Styles Floral Blossom Oval Table Darlee Elisabeth Square Dining Table Ashley Design Tanglevale Table Santa Clara Outdoor Table
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$$
Tabletop Size 48" Diameter 48" Diameter 42"x72" (WxL) 42"x84" (WxL) 64"x64" (WxL) 42"x90" (WxL) 48"x132" (WxL)
Material Cast Aluminum Steel Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum
Umbr. Hole
Warranty 1 Year 30 Days 1 Year 1 Year 5 Years 1 Year 15 Years
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Outdoor Table Reviews

Here you’ll find a thorough analysis and review of each outdoor patio table shown above. This will show you their unique qualities and give you a deep understanding of what each model has to offer.

As you’ll see, every unit is a metal outdoor table due to their unbeatable durability, effortless elegance and top-notch quality. If you’re looking for a wood patio table be sure to check out the cheap outdoor tables list at the bottom of this article, you can find some fantastic ones there plus they’re quite affordable to boot. If you want a resin wicker patio table on the other hand, the only good ones I’ve found were part of complete sets and you can find them in the patio dining sets list. Now let’s dive in!

Home Styles Biscayne Round Outdoor Dining Table, Rust Bronze Finish

It’s very surprising to see a table this cheap being so well crafted all around. From the solid cast aluminum body to the beautiful antique powder coat finish and antique design, it has impressive visuals and a great size as well, measuring 48″ in diameter and 29″ in height. The table top pattern is styled in a classic manner that’s very elegant and nicely complements any patio decoration plus the rest of the table matches the top, featuring a traditional design with sleek curves and small ornamentation. It also has an umbrella hole, giving you the opportunity to get some shade. Not only is the material itself – cast aluminum – rustproof but the construction quality also ensures its sturdiness. Assembling it is very easy and the table also comes with 1 year of warranty which is always appreciated. Offering great value for the price, Home Styles’ Biscayne round outdoor table is a fantastic budget choice.

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Mosaic Steel Mesh Round Dining Table

This small outdoor table is simple but sleek, giving you a very versatile design that easily blends with any decor. The steel mesh table top measures 48″ in diameter, 28″ in height and features an umbrella hole so you can set up some shade with ease. The whole frame is made of powder coated steel which makes the table sturdy and quite resilient to the elements while also looking good due to the nice black finish. Design wise it keeps things simple, presenting only slight detailing on the legs to give it some more character. It comes with 30 days of warranty and the assembly is very straightforward. Simple but effective, this is a good choice if you want a black outdoor table with a modern edge.

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Belham Living Stanton Oval Wrought Iron Patio Dining Table

In short, this is a bigger version of the steel mesh outdoor table seen above, featuring the same concept but in a larger scale and with a wrought iron frame instead of a steel one. The 42×72″ oval table top is roomy enough to sit up to 6 people and it also has an umbrella hole in the middle which is always handy. It’s sleek and modern looking, with the steel mesh top and simple base looking great in any setting while the powder coated wrought iron construction ensures its sturdiness and durability when used outside. It’s also well crafted and even though it’s not super strong (due to the nature of its design), it’ll still endure regular use. Putting it together is an easy task and the table comes with the standard 30 days of return period. (This backyard table is currently out of stock but keep an eye out for it if you like it, it can always come back)

Home Styles Biscayne Oval Outdoor Dining Table, Black

Moving on to higher quality classic units, this excellent metal patio table by Home Styles is as beautiful as it is robust, offering you a gorgeously detailed top that’s complemented by the elegantly curved legs and good looking finish (black is pictured, also available as a white outdoor table or rust bronze). It’s made of cast aluminum which is among the best materials for outdoor furniture as it’s sturdy and lightweight while also being extremely resilient to the weather and rustproof. The oval top measures 42″ x 72″ (width x length) and besides the stunning lattice detailing it also has a useful umbrella hole. Below you’ll find an oval ornament that not only gives it a structural boost but also elevates its already gorgeous looks. As a whole the table stands at 30″ of height, making it perfect for dining, and it’s incredibly easy to assemble as well. As a bonus, it comes with a great 1 year warranty which gives you extra peace of mind and the price-tag is extremely attractive. Guaranteed to give your patio a strong, classy and durable presence, this stunning unit is one of the best outdoor tables you can get in terms of sheer bang for the buck and I highly recommend it.

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Home Styles Floral Blossom Oval Dining Table, Charcoal

Enlarging the dimensions of the previous model and opting for a more exotic, curved pattern design, Home Styles delivers another fantastic outdoor dining table that has all the qualities of the one above and even though it’s bigger (42″of width by 84″ of length), the price stays exactly the same. It’s made of cast aluminum, giving it a sturdy and weatherproof body, that features a charcoal colored powder coat to further improve its durability. To give it a more unique and luxurious look it also has hand-applied antique highlights throughout its body which is a detail that really shines through whenever there’s light to reflect. The attractive table top pattern is very intricate and it’s matched perfectly by the ornamental panels below it plus it also has a hole in the middle, making it easy for you to set up a patio umbrella. It comes with the same warranty of 1 year and it’s a little harder to assemble although it’s still quick if you follow the instructions. It offers fantastic value for the price – I’ve never seen an outdoor table this big and well-made being so affordable.

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Darlee Elisabeth Cast Aluminum Square Dining Table, Antique Bronze Finish

Darlee Elizabeth’s cast aluminum square outdoor furniture table features a very similar style to the one shown previously – intricate curved patterns with ornamental side panels – except the shape’s obviously different, opting for a more intimate square design while offering an equally well constructed body. The 64″ square top fits up to 8 people in an intimate setting which is fantastic for conversation while also presenting a complex curved pattern that gives it a distinct look. Below the table you’ll find the matching ornamental panels which serves as a welcome visual and structural improvement. The whole table’s made of cast aluminum which as you know by now is rustproof and highly resilient to both use and the elements plus it’s finished with a good looking antique bronze tone that matches its design perfectly. It also has an umbrella hole and protective gliders on the feet, two details that I really appreciate. You can assemble it completely in just 30 minutes and it comes backed with an enormous 5 year warranty. It’s also available in a rectangle shape, if you prefer. It’s handsome, durable and with a fantastic warranty to boot, it stands out as a formidable choice.

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Ashley Design Tanglevale Rectangular Extension Outdoor Dining Table

Moving on to the high end models, this excellent outdoor dining table by Ashley Furniture Signature Design is a fully featured unit that’s guaranteed to impress with its luxurious visuals and flawless design. Its large rectangular table top measures 42″x90″ (width x length) when using the leaf extensions (and stands at 29″ of height), making enough room for 8 people to sit comfortably and it features an incredibly well crafted, beautiful lattice design that’s a pleasure to look at. Besides its inherent beauty, it’s also quite useful as it lets rainwater drain quickly. The whole table’s made of cast aluminum, making it rustproof and extremely resilient to use and weather – perfect for outdoor use plus it also has a charming dark metal powder coat finish to further improve its looks and durability. The details are great too, from the smooth and self-stored leaf mechanism to the umbrella hole (which can always be used with or without extensions) and even the handsome ornamental band below that also serves to keep the umbrella securely in place, everything works perfectly and you cannot find a flaw. Assembling this outdoor garden table is an absolute breeze if you follow the instructions and it comes backed with 1 year of warranty. The attractive price is the cherry on top, making this one of the best large patio tables you can get.

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Santa Clara Cast Aluminum 132″ Extension Table – Antique Bronze

And finally the last on the list, the absolutely superb “Santa Clara” extension outdoor table. Let me start by saying that in terms of quality it’s by far the best you’ll find, even though it’s a bit pricier than most it’s more than worth it – you really do get what you pay for. From the extremely classy, gorgeously detailed top to the smart and smooth leaf extension mechanism, this table screams quality. As you’d expect, it’s made of solid cast aluminum that has been finished with a 5-stage powder coated antique bronze, making it not only robust but also weatherproof which ensures it’ll last a lifetime even if left outside all year round. The manufacturer is so confident in its durability that the table comes with a huge 15 year warranty for free, giving you absolute peace of mind. It’s also very hefty, even for a large outdoor table, and measures 48″x84″ in its normal state or 48″x132″ when fully extended – an enormous size that can comfortably handle large crowds. It’s a considerably heavy table so be sure to have someone around to help you during assemble, a process which is easy and fairly quick. It has top of the line looks, lifelong durability, an incredible 15 year warranty to boot and it’ll deliver an unmatched touch of class and elegance to your patio. If you’re looking for the best, this is it.

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In the scale of patio furniture importance, a good outdoor table is definitely at the top so don’t hesitate to get one for yours – any of these will perform superbly.

If you’re on a budget and still want one of these, be sure to take a look at the cheap outdoor tables list – there are solid options at really low prices.

And that’s it for for the best patio furniture tables, thanks as always for reading and be sure to leave your opinions below!


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