Best Tank Top Heaters 2020

Best Tank Top Heaters 2020
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Best Tank Top Propane HeatersWhether you’re outdoors or inside, tank top heaters are the simplest, fastest and most affordable way to keep you warm. All you need is a couple of minutes to mount it on a propane tank and you’re ready to go. Even though they’re quite cheap, the best tank top heaters will be durable, dependable and produce a great warm presence. Their efficiency and portability makes them excellent heat sources on the go, you can use them to heat up your garage or to keep you warm during outdoors activities and work on chilly days.

Tank top heaters can have one, two or three burner heads, giving you more heating power in trade for higher fuel consumption. Although most are one-directional, there are a few that offer 360º heating that while not as focused, produce a wider blanket of heat – it comes down to personal preference and what you intend to use it for.

I’ve created a comparison table to give you a quick overview of all the tank top heaters and further below you can read in-depth reviews of each unit. Enjoy!

Best Tank Top Heaters

Heater Mr. Heater Single Tank Top Dyna-Glo Propane Tank Top Heater Mr. Heater 540 Tank Top Heater Dura Heat TT-360 Tank Top Heater Mr. Heater Double Tank Top Dyna-Glo Double Tank Top Heater Mr. Heater Triple Tank Top Heater
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$
Head Type Single Single Single Single Double Double Triple
Heat Output 15,000 BTU 15,000 BTU 45,000 BTU 40,000 BTU 30,000 BTU 30,000 BTU 45,000 BTU
Special Feature 360º Heating 360º Heating Unique 3 Head Design
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Best Tank Top Heater Reviews

Below you can read a thorough analysis of every tank top heater listed in the table above.

Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater

The highly popular Mr.Heater is an effective, reliable and very inexpensive tanktop heater. Although it’s simple, it’s well built, sturdy and super easy to setup. You can use it on any regular 20 lb propane tank and it has a solid heat output of 8000 to 15000 BTUs. Since it’s a single-head design it’s very lightweight, weighing only 3 pounds and it’s fairly small too (around 10”x13”) which makes it extremely easy to carry. The heat wave is pointed to one direction and not 360º due to the head design. It’s great for the chillier days on the outdoors although for harsher environments and weather such as snow, you’ll need something more potent. It also features a safety shut-off, comes with 30 days of warranty and it’s 100% Made in America – always a great bonus.

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Dyna-Glo TT15CDGP 15,000 Liquid Propane Tank Top Heater – CSA

The main competitor to Mr.Heater, Dyna-Glo delivers a nearly equal product at the very same price. The quality is the exact same, from the body to the head and even the heat output is equal – 9000-15000 BTUs. You can use it on any 20 lb propane tank and it features a safety tilt shut-off as well. It’s an identical product to the one above so just choose whichever’s more inexpensive at the time.

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Mr. Heater, Corporation Mr. Heater, 45,000 BTU 540 Dregree Tank Top Heater

The first 360º tanktop heater on the list, this Mr. Heater unit offers great heat output in a durable package, giving off great bang for your buck. The body weighs around 5 pounds, it’s easy to setup and very sturdy from the base to the top, ensuring a safe experience. It’s a little taller than the previous units, standing at 17.5” of height and the head gives off a fantastic all-around heat wave of 35,000 to 45,000 BTUs. It can be easily mounted on any 20 lb propane tank and it comes with an effective tip-over safety shut off feature which I appreciate immensely. It consumes more propane than the other single-headed units but the amount of heat is greater, it has more presence on the outside than the others and if you use it indoors then just a couple of hours will leave you nice and warm.

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Dura Heat TT-360 Propane(LP) 360 Degree Tank Top Heater

Dura Heat’s 360 degrees tank top heater delivers powerful heat in short time but consumes a lot of gas. This unit is similar to the one shown above but I noticed that the body is a little heavier and due to the design it’s not as well-balanced. The materials used are of the same quality as the other models but the heat output is on another level. It ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 (5,000 lower than the previous unit) but for some reason it feels like more. In the garage for example, running this thing for only 1 hour makes it feel like summer and on the outside it really does make a difference in comfort even in harsh weather. The trade-off is the consumption, it drinks a lot of propane while running. I got around 12 hours on “low”. It’s got the regular safety shut-off features and for the price, it has a lot of power.

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Mr. Heater F242655 MH30TS Double Tank Top Outdoor Heater, 30000 BTU

Double the heads, double the heat. This Mr. Heater unit delivers a two-headed solution that maintains all the qualities of its single-headed model but doubles, of course, its power and heat output. The setup is as easy as the single head models and so are the controls (low, medium or high heat). You can turn both heads on or just one if you wish to save some gas and both of them have tip over safety shut-offs. While these are great indoors as well, they really shine outside. During very chilly or even snowy days, this thing delivers a much needed heat wave when you’re fishing, hunting, camping or just working. Its heat output ranges from 8,000 to 30,000 BTUs and when directed at yourself it’s like a warm blanket falls on you. It mounts on a regular 20 lb propane tank. Same quality, double the power and a great purchase if you need an extra boost.

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Dyna-Glo TT30CDGP 30,000 Liquid Propane Tank Top Heater – CSA

Just like in the single headed versions, this Dyna-Glo unit is nearly an identical product to the Mr. Heater above although there’s one big and super useful difference – independent pivoting burners. You can perfectly align each head by itself in any direction you want, it’s incredibly useful. The materials used and construction quality is the same as its competitor, and so is the heat output (nearly) – 9,000 to 30,000 BTUs. It also has the common automatic shut-off security feature. For a small increase in price, you get the independent pivoting heads which is more than worth it in my opinion.

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Mr. Heater MH45T Triple Tank Top Heater, 45000 BTU/Hr

For the harshest weather and roughest conditions, there is the MH45T triple tank top heater. This potent unit adds yet another burner to deliver a tri-headed solution that can keep you warm even when it’s freezing outside. It’s easy to set up on any propane tank ranging from 20 to 100 pounds and with the 3 burners on it comes in handy to have a bigger tank. It’s well-built and surprisingly sturdy considering its size (even then it only weighs 10 pounds). The heat output is greater than any other unit as expected, ranging from 10,000 to 45,000 BTUs, which you can easily control with the low-medium-high regulator. It has three tip-over safety shutoffs and you can operate all burners at once or only 1 or 2 at a time if you wish. The heads are also adjustable, swiveling up, down, left and right. On top of all, it’s fairly priced too. When you need some serious portable heat, this is the perfect choice.

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During harsh and cold weather, inside or out, these tank top heaters will ensure that you do it well and with comfort.

While this article focused on tank top heaters, feel free to check out the best patio heaters article to see the overall top rated units.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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