Best Backless Garden Benches 2019

Best Backless Garden Benches 2019
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Backless Garden BenchesKnown for their incredible versatility and discreet appearance, backless garden benches are the perfect addition to any outdoors space that needs a touch of comfort, character and usefulness. Out of the hundreds on the market, the ones presented below are the very best backless garden benches you can get. From their charming designs and comfortable seating to the craftsmanship, durability and attractive prices, they’re guaranteed to please. Let’s take a look at them!

Best Backless Garden Benches

These are the best outdoor backless benches for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for your convenience.

Garden Bench Dura-Trel 11125 6-Feet Bench Achla Designs Backless Bench GDF Colonial Outdoor Wood And Iron Bench GloDea X60 Bench, Expresso Brown Outdoor I Backless Eucalyptus Bench Teak Wood Luxurious Backless Bench Amazonia 51 in. Teak Patio Backless Bench
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$
Seat Size 6 Feet 4 Feet 5.25 Feet 4.5 Feet 4.5 Feet 4.5 Feet 4.25 Feet
Material Vinyl Eucalyptus Wood Iron + Acacia Wood Pine Wood Eucalyptus Wood Teak Wood Teak Wood
Weight Capacity 700 lbs 350 lbs 500 lbs 350 lbs 350 lbs 350 lbs 500 lbs
Warranty 20 years 90 Days 30 Days 30 Days 1 Year 30 Days 1 Year
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Backless Garden Bench Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the outdoor backless benches shown in the table above. This will ensure that you know exactly what they have to offer and how they standout from one another.

Dura-Trel 11125 6-Feet Bench

Super simple and equally as classic, this cheap backless garden bench delivers fantastic durability and 20 years of warranty at an incredibly low price, making it a great budget choice. While it trades the much loved look and feel of wood in favor of a vinyl body, it does brings its advantages such as the bench being completely weatherproof, ensuring it looks as good as new for years on end without requiring maintenance. The bench is 15.5″ tall, 6 feet long and can endure up to 700 lbs of weight safely plus it’s also pretty decent comfort-wise. The assembly is quick and as I mentioned above the bench comes with an enormous 20 year warranty. It’s the most affordable backless bench on the list and it’s a solid, if simple, choice.

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Achla Designs Backless Bench, 4-Foot

This cheap backless wooden bench is enormously popular due to its successful combination of affordability and quality, offering you a sturdy eucalyptus body, good looks and solid comfort at an insanely low price. The seat’s 17″ tall, 4 feet long, curved for added comfort and although the wide slat spacing might be a bit much for some, it’s nothing a comfy seat cushion doesn’t fix. Being made of eucalyptus wood – an affordable type of wood similar to teak – it’s not only beautiful but also resistant against rot, weathering and very dense as well which makes it strong enough to endure up to 350 lbs of weight. It comes with a natural finish that can be sustained by giving it a few coats of teak oil every year, it’ll really bring out the wood’s beauty. The assembly is extremely easy and the bench comes with 90 days of warranty. In short, it’s the cheapest wooden backless bench you can get that won’t disappoint.

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Cortesi Home Lucian Large Aluminum Outdoor Bench in Poly Wood

Featuring a sturdy aluminum body coupled with a poly wood top, this modern backless metal bench is both durable and maintenance free while also being very inexpensive. Its minimal visual style nicely complements any contemporary decoration while its 100% weatherproof body ensures that it can be left outside all year round without worries. The 4.5′ long seat holds up to 450 lbs of weight and the poly resin top manages to make it quite comfortable as well as good looking. Its simplistic design and synthetic materials make it very easy to clean, especially since it doesn’t absorb moisture and doesn’t splinter either. It also has rubber feet to prevent slipping or floor scratching plus the assembly is a breeze. With 1 year of warranty to boot, this is a solid choice if you want a maintenance-free modern backless bench.

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GDF Studio Colonial Outdoor Acacia Wood and Rustic Metal Bench

With a strikingly beautiful combination of iron and wood, GDF Studio’s backless wooden bench is a fantastic addition to any patio. The 5.25′ long acacia wood seat is straight but comfortable and due to its sturdy construction and strong iron base, it can endure up to 500 lbs of weight. To further improve its weather resistance, the acacia wood comes nicely finished with a protective coat plus the iron base has rustic paint finish as well, making it rustproof and incredibly good looking. The wooden top is not only naturally beautiful but also impressively well made and perfectly detailed which really makes the whole bench pop. Minimal assembly is required and the unit comes with the standard 30 days of return period. Due to its dimensions it’s great as either a garden bench or to use at the dining table, making it quite versatile. It’s also very affordable, making this unique wooden backless bench a great option.

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GloDea X60 Bench, Expresso Brown

With over 20 finish colors to choose from and a daring modern design, this pine wood backless patio bench is a refreshingly modern take on the classic that can perfectly adapt to your personal preference. It has a 4.5′ long seat that’s comfortable even with the wide slat spacing due to the inter-locked design and it’s also quite strong, managing to hold up to 350 lbs of weight safely. The pine wood’s handsome appearance goes along great with any finish you choose, be it natural, honey, purple, red, rose or green, they all simply enhance the wood’s visuals without covering its natural beauty. It’s also fairly weatherproof and it will retain its fresh appearance with regular care. With 20+ different finishes to choose from, you can adapt the bench’s color to your space or personal preference, giving your outdoors a vibrant look (you can even get it as a black outdoor backless bench which is super rare). The handmade quality shows and it doesn’t disappoint plus it’s 100% made in the USA, a welcome bonus. Assembling the bench is quite an easy task and it also comes with 30 days of warranty. Offering you an uniquely modern design and some incredible customization options, this backless bench is a great choice for those who want a daring presence in their patio.

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Outdoor Interiors 3 Person Backless Eucalyptus Bench

Taking the classic and executing it to near-perfection, this excellent outdoor backless wooden bench by Outdoor Interiors delivers lifelong durability, handsome looks and fantastic comfort at an extremely attractive price. The 4.5′ long seat is roomy enough for 3 people, endures up to 350 lbs of weight and it’s so perfectly contoured that seating on it is one of the most comfortable experiences you can have with backless benches. Its eucalyptus body, as I’ve mentioned before, is highly similar to teak in terms of strength, weatherproof traits and even beauty which makes it a perfect fit for outdoor use. As long as you give it an early finish with teak oil (or your preferred oil), it’ll look as good as new but you can also let it weather into a fine, rustic grey if you prefer – it doesn’t lose any structural quality. It’s a breeze to assemble as well and it comes with a nice 1 year warranty. It’s an absolutely fantastic unit that delivers unmatched bang for your buck. I can confidently present it as one of the best backless benches ever made – I highly recommend it.

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Grade A Teak Wood Luxurious Outdoor Garden Revni Backless Bench

Moving on to the teak wood backless benches, this interestingly designed unit offers you expert craftsmanship and superb durability coupled with a unique flair that makes it standout from the rest. The 4.5′ long seat is big enough to comfortably sit 3 people while the sturdy teak base ensures it can hold up to 350 lbs of weight with ease. The slat spacing is perfectly comfortable plus the rounded side detailing is a simple but incredibly effective visual addition that gives the bench a much more elegant look. It’s completely made of teak wood which apart from being stunning to look at it also makes the bench effectively weatherproof, allowing you to leave it outside all year round without worrying. You can either let it weather into a beautiful grey or give it a teak oil finish every year to maintain its fresh natural color, both options look fantastic. Minimal assembly is required and it comes with the standard 30 days of return period. There’s also a custom made sunbrella cushion for this bench that takes it to an even higher level of quality, contact the manufacturer to get it if you’re interested. If you want a beautifully unique variation of the classic that’ll last a lifetime of use, this is an excellent option.

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Amazonia 51 in. Teak Patio Backless Bench

If you want the very best wooden backless bench you can get, this is it. With high grade teak wood that’s been carefully crafted into an incredibly robust, weatherproof and good looking bench, this beauty is guaranteed to give you a lifetime of use, enjoyment and gorgeous decoration – all at a fair price. Every single piece is made to last – from the extreme robustness of the teak wood to the galvanized steel hardware, this bench will endure countless years of use and weathering without losing any quality, looks or charm. Its 4.25′ long seat is perfectly contoured to make the seating experience incredibly comfortable even without using any cushioning. The high grade teak wood’s density and strength gives the bench a massive maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs, ensuring your safety no matter what. When it comes to the visual quality, it’s unmatched. The natural texture and tone of teak coupled with the stunning craftsmanship on display results in a piece that screams quality and luxury. Not only will it be a practical addition to your patio but it’ll be a fantastic decoration piece as well. Assembling it is a piece of cake and it comes backed with 1 year of warranty. It’s by far the best backless bench I’ve ever seen and certainly worth every penny.

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Quickly adapting to your needs, these beautiful backless garden benches are there for you anytime you need an instant boost of comfort and good looks to your outdoors.

While this article focused completely on backless choices, feel free to check out the original garden benches article to see the overall top rated units.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your opinions below.

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