Best Cheap Pergolas 2020

Best Cheap Pergolas 2020
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Cheap PergolasAlthough they’re generally expensive, nowadays you can find some pretty great cheap pergolas. To lower the price, most are slightly smaller then the usual and made of vinyl or hollow wood, both of which are still beautiful and durable. Below you’ll find a selection of the best cheap pergolas you can get, all personally tested and guaranteed to offer you great bang for your buck.

While this article will focus on affordable choices, feel free to read the main best pergolas list to see the overall top rated units.

Now let’s take a look!

Cheap Pergolas

These are the best cheap pergolas for sale on the market, thoroughly compared.

Pergola Dura-Trel Kingston Pergola Sunjoy Large Naples Pergola Beige Dura-Trel Queensbrook Pergola Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola Venetian 10'x10' Vinyl Pergola
Price $ $ $ $$ $$
Size (WxL) 7'x7' and 9' Tall 8'x7' and 7.3' Tall 9.6'x9.6' and 8' Tall 10'x12' and 8' Tall 10'x10' and 9' Tall
Material Vinyl Steel Vinyl Chinese Cedar Wood Vinyl
Special Feature Canopy Included Wooden Pergola at a Super Low Price Great Durability + Classy Design
Warranty 20 Years 1 Year 20 Years 1 Year 20 Years
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Cheap Pergola Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of every cheap pergola shown in the table above. This ensures that you learn about their unique traits and know exactly what they have to offer you.

Dura-Trel Kingston Pergola

Dura-Trel’s Kingston model is the cheapest pergola I’ve ever used and while it’s quite small, the white vinyl body holds up nicely to the weather while looking sleek as well. It features a classically simple design and the dimensions of the top are around 7’x7′. It stands at nearly 9 feet of height, giving you plenty of headroom and enough space to fit a table and accompanying chairs, as pictured. It comes in 3 boxes and with all the hardware and instructions you need, making it is super easy to assemble – it only 2 hours with 2 people. It’s also durable, due to the material used, and comes with an enormous 20 year warranty. For the price, this pergola will easily impress you with its quality and last a lifetime, which is quite the rare quality for a cheap pergola to have.

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Sunjoy Large Naples Pergola, 10’x8′, Beige

Good looking and sizable, the Naples is a great inexpensive pergola that is sure to bring comfort and beauty to your patio, even with its flaws. The 8’x10′ size gives you a solid amount of shade and covered area to work with, while the 7.3′ roof ensures that you can easily adjust the retractable canopy. The color combination is handsome and the simple design nicely compliments any decoration style. The only real drawback is the frame’s durability. Due to being made of somewhat thin metal, it’s not as resistant as I’d like and even though it’s powder coated to resist the elements, it can still start to rust after a while. This may or may not be an issue depending on where you live but you can give it a rustoleum finish to improve its resistance. It comes with 1 year of warranty and the assembly is very straightforward. Although I’d love to see this being made of thicker, sturdier steel, it still delivers a beautiful and comfortable experience at a very affordable price.

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Dura-Trel Queensbrook Pergola

The Queensbrook, by Dura-Trel, is the bigger and better version of the Kingston model shown previously. It uses the same white vinyl material and maintains its awesome durability but it improves the design and enlarges its size. It’s around 9.6’x9.6′ and 8 feet tall, making it big enough to get creative while also being compact enough to fit pretty much anywhere. The new design offers you more intricate detailing on the beams which gives your patio a more elegant look and the frame is as sturdy and resilient as ever. As expected, it comes with the same 20 year warranty as the other one, giving you peace of mind. It’s a piece of cake to assemble if you follow the instructions although I do recommend, as always, that you get a helping hand. For such a small price it offers a lot of value, making it a great cheap pergola.

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Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola 12′ by 10′

One of my favorite cheap pergolas, this beautiful unit delivers solid quality and good looks at a low price. Getting a classic wooden pergola at this price is impossible but Backyard Discovery managed to do it by changing a few features. Firstly they used Chinese cedar instead of the regular American one and although it loses durability (it’s softer than American cedar), it still looks great. Secondly the 4 main posts are hollow instead of solid. These compromises are to be expected since a regular wooden pergola of this size, without these changes, would be more than double the price. Even then this thing’s well constructed, well crafted and stunning to look. Even with the hollow posts and softer wood the pergola’s sturdy and can take punishment from use and weather without losing its appearance. It uses the regular pergola size of 10’x12′ and stands at nearly 8 feet of height, which is a fantastic size for you to create a relaxing area below its shade and can even fit a full furniture set. The legs also have resin feet that help to keep moisture out of the wood to make it last longer. It comes with a mild red tint finish, to make it look more like the original red cedar wood and it also offers a 1 year warranty on defects and 5 years on the wood. The instructions are well-written and easy to follow, making for a quick assembly. Even with those changes to bring the cost down, it manages to offer a fantastic presence and solid durability at a very attractive price and when it comes to cheap pergolas, it’s one of the best.

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Venetian 10’x10′ Vinyl Pergola

One of my favorite manufacturers ever – New England Arbors – offer you the beautiful Venetian, a high quality pergola at an incredible price. It uses the handsome but affordable white vinyl that you’ve seen before, and gives you a nicely designed frame with classy detailing. It’s 9 feet tall and the 10’x10′ sizing is just a bit under the regular, making it large enough to comfortably fit a furniture set while also being versatile, adapting to most free spaces in your outdoors. The unique aesthetic embellishments that the posts have are reminiscent of the classics and truly brought out by the white coloring, giving you a visually stunning piece. It’s well fitted, extremely durable and comes with a huge 20 year warranty to back it up. There’s also accessories available, sold separately, such as matching privacy walls and an arch detailing kit. it’s by far the best cheap pergola you can get.

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As you can see, we’ve come really far in terms of producing great pergolas at a low cost. Modern techniques and materials have made it possible and it’s clear that you can get some fantastic ones at very affordable prices.

I hope I’ve helped you find your brand new unit and that you’ve enjoyed reading the guide.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your opinions below!

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