Best Hanging Egg Chairs 2019

Best Hanging Egg Chairs 2019
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Best Hanging Egg Chair

Modern, comfy and decorative, hanging egg chairs have been rising in popularity for years now due to their standout designs and unique combination of beauty and relaxation. Indoors or outdoors, they’re sure to impress. You’ll often find them listed as swing chairs, hanging chairs, egg chairs or a combination of these terms but they all refer to the same product. The best hanging egg chairs are sturdily built, beautifully designed, comfortable and fairly priced which is exactly what you’ll find here so let’s get to it!

Best Hanging Egg Chairs

These are the best hanging chairs for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for your enjoyment and convenience.

Hanging Egg Chair Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair Tigan Outdoor Swing Chair Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair Driftwood Modway Outdoor Patio Swing Chair Dubai Wicker Swing Chair X-Large Pro Clove Curve Porch Swing Chair
Price $ $$ $$ $$ $$$ $$$
Seats 1 1 1 1 2/3 1
Max Weight 250 lbs 250 lbs 300 lbs 265 lbs 550 lbs 250 lbs
Special Feature Great Value + Classy Design Great Value + High Quality + Classic Excellent Quality + Beautiful Design Unique Visuals + Striking Colors
Warranty 3 Months 3 Months 1 Month 1 Year 1 Year 3 Months
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Hanging Egg Chair Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the units shown above. Remember that these hanging egg chairs are outdoor and indoor compatible due to their independent stands and weatherproof construction. This lets you use them wherever you want as long as you have the space.

Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair

This swinging egg chair, by Cristopher Knight Home, is simple but good looking and very affordable. While the faux wicker wrap could be better, the overall look is pretty decent and the included cushions match nicely. I’d say it even has that classic hanging pod chair design due to the shape of the opening, instead of the regular egg one. The real drawback is in the construction quality which while good for the price, still lacks a bit of attention to detail and sturdiness. While the stand, chain and spring are all great and the chair itself holds you quite well, the cushions aren’t very comfortable and the biggest issue is with the chair frame’s ring – it’s hollow and can snap with enough weight. The weight limit is 250 lbs and the swing’s dimension is very versatile, easily fitting a person of any size. To improve this chair yourself I recommend that you replace the cushions with fuller, softer ones as it makes a world of difference. When it comes to assembly it’s very easy to set up and it comes with a 3 month warranty. Even with its drawbacks, this small hanging chair still offers a good looking experience at a very low price.

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Tigan Outdoor Swing Chair

The “Tigan” is a handsome and well built hanging egg chair that offers a lot of space, great comfort and a nicely detailed body. The seat size is big and comfy to use due to the soft cushioning that is included. It’s made of resin wicker and the stand is made of powder coated steel, making it highly resistant to use and especially weather. The weight limit is 250 lbs, featuring a strong spring and a durable frame. It has great detailing, from the stylish chair coverage to the carefully decorated edge – you won’t find anything lackluster. The assembly is straightforward and the unit comes with a 90 day warranty. The Tigan is an all-around great round hanging chair that won’t disappoint.

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Resin Wicker Kambree Rib Hanging Egg Chair

This impressively built and unique looking resin wicker egg chair delivers an amount of bang for your buck that is rarely seen on the market. It’s beautiful, it’s well crafted, it’s strong and most of all, it’s comfortable. For the low price you pay, this thing repays you in droves, giving you an incredible amount of value. It’s spacious, has a great 300 lbs weight limit and the sturdy frame guarantees that it lasts a long time. Material-wise it’s also very resistant to the weather, making it a fantastic outdoor egg swing chair. The colors are also beautifully matching and neutral, siting perfectly in any space. It comes with 1 month of warranty and although it takes a bit of time to assemble, it’s more than worth it. It’s one of the best hanging chairs I’ve had for the price and in 1 word, it’s impressive.

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Modway Hide Outdoor Patio Swing Chair

Offering high quality in both design and construction, a beautiful presence and fantastic value, this popular unit by Modway stands out as one of the best hanging swing chairs you can get. Not only does it look great due to the synthetic rattan weave but it feels great as well – the cushioning is comfortable, durable and can be tied to the frame for added structure. It swings smoothly and is held up by a stainless steel chain and a strong spring, ensuring that it can hold up to 265 lbs of weight safely plus, while it can be used anywhere, its versatile size makes it a perfect hanging swing chair for indoor use. The stand is powder coated which coupled with the synthetic body makes the whole unit extremely resistant to weather, allowing you to leave it outside all year round. It’s very easy to assemble and comes with 1 year of warranty. You can get it with or without the stand (making it a ceiling swing chair if preferred) and it’s available in a variety of color combinations – the body can be dark (as pictured) or white, and the cushioning has a wide array of colors to choose from. With an excellent value to price ratio and little to no flaws, this Modway unit stands among the best swing chairs on the market.

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Dubai Collection Wicker Swing Chair w/Stand X-Large-PRO

When it comes to big chair swings, this one is king. Featuring excellent build quality, expert craftsmanship and a stunning design, it’s one of my all time favorites by far and I’m certain that it will become one of yours as well. It’s also the only real rattan swing chair I’ve ever seen, making it stunning to look at. It’s available in 3 sizes – L, XL and XXL – and although the price is smaller on the smaller models, of course, with the larger ones you get enough room to comfortably fit two people or more plus they’re roomy enough to lay down. To safely support the large seat, the stand has two poles that coupled with the strong chains and springs allow the unit to withstand up to 550 lbs of weight with ease. The chair’s body is handmade by experienced craftsmen and it shows as the unique wicker pattern design is elegant, impressively well made and very resilient.The materials used are all durable and highly resistant to the elements, from the powder coated steel frame to the resin wicker body and even the cushioning – this puts it among the best hanging swing chairs for outside use ever. The cushioning is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful, full and very comfortable, making this one of the rare occasions where you don’t need to add extra pillows for comfort. It swings smoothly and safely as well, producing next to no noise. It’s super easy to assemble and comes with a 1 year warranty although the customer service is so good that they’ll support you at any time, even after the warranty period, to ensure your satisfaction. It’s also available in a different color – charcoal – instead of the “latte” pictured. This wicker swing chair is a beauty in both looks and performance, offering you a classy and comfortable experience that will last for a lifetime.

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Clove Hanging Swing Chair

Finally we have the “Clove”, a uniquely shaped, beautiful and resilient hanging swing chair that features a striking design and vibrant colors. The construction is solid and the materials used, from the powder coated steel to the synthetic wicker weaving, are all weatherproof as expected. The weaving has the popular random lines pattern which not only looks great but gives the body another level of durability since even if one strand gets cut or broken, the integrity of the chair stays the nearly the same. The chair’s frame is very nicely finished and has a strong structure which together with the soft cushioning makes for a comfortable experience. It has a 250 lbs weight limit, since it’s a 1 person swing chair, and the whole unit comes with 3 months of warranty. The assembly is a breeze and it really is gorgeous when it’s up. If you like this style of swing chair, the Clove is for you – it’s a beautifully made product that delivers comfort and quality.

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Ready to swing comfortably and in style? These beautiful units won’t disappoint.

While hanging chair prices are usually affordable, I’ve also written another article about less expensive options that you might be interested in:

Combining quality and affordability, these inexpensive egg chairs are sure to have you swinging smoothly without breaking your bank.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and thanks for stopping by!

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