Best Cheap Bistro Sets 2024

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Cheap Bistro Sets Who ever said you need to pay premium to get some European elegance? In my view, these beautifully cheap bistro sets will revolutionize your patio with stunning looks and charm without breaking your bank. All of the ones shown below have been thoroughly tested to ensure their quality and they’re guaranteed to offer you a fantastic amount of bang for your buck. Some are traditional and some are contemporary but all of them are great budget options so let’s take a look!

While this article will focus on affordable choices, feel free to check out the original list of my personal top picks for the best bistro sets article to see the overall top rated units.

Cheap Bistro Sets

These are, in my opinion, the best rated cheap bistro sets for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for your enjoyment and convenience.

Bistro Set BCP Outdoor Cast Aluminum Bistro Set Oakland Living Rose Bistro Set Clayton Court Outdoor Bistro Set Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus Bistro Set Patio Sense Faustina Bronze Bistro Set Suncrown Outdoor Wicker Bistro Set International Caravan Mandalay Bistro Set
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$$
Tabletop Size 23.5" Diameter 23.5" Diameter 24" Diameter 23.5"x23.5" (LxW) 23.6" Diameter 18"x18" (LxW) 30" Diameter
Material Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum Steel Eucalyptus Wood Cast Aluminum Iron + Wicker + Glass Iron
Warranty 60 Days 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 5 Year 30 Days 30 Days
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Cheap Bistro Set Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the models that are, in my view, the top cheap outdoor bistro sets as shown above. This lets you know exactly what they have to offer, ensuring you make the perfect choice.

Best Choice Products Tulip Cast Aluminum 3 Piece Bistro Set in Antique Copper

This tulip styled entry is the first cheap bistro patio set on our list and it offers a good amount of value at what is, in my view, a ridiculously low price. It’s composed of 2 chairs and 1 table, all of which are made of cast aluminum (which is quite weatherproof), and they feature intricate patterns with the main focus going to the tulip detailing of the chairs. All the pieces are powder coated with an antique copper finish, giving them an improved visual effect and better resistance to the elements although the body itself could be thicker and more robust. When it comes table dimensions, it measures 23.5″ in diameter and stands at 26.5″ of height making it quite compact while still having a spacious top plus it features a handy umbrella hole so you can get some shade if you want to. Assembling the set is as easy as it gets and it comes with 60 days of warranty. Even though it’s not super durable, it’s still a solid choice overall, making this the only 3 piece bistro set under $100 that I can recommend.

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Oakland Living 3-Piece Rose Cast Aluminum Bistro Set

In my opinion one of the most popular cheap garden bistro sets ever made, Oakland living’s “Rose” delivers affordable elegance with a striking floral twist. Featuring a body made of a cast aluminum and cast iron combination, it’s not only sturdy but also quite weatherproof, even more so due to the powder coat finish. This finish has an antique bronze look to it but the set’s also available in a beautiful “verdi green” finish which gives it a unique oxidized bronze appearance. The table’s quite spacious, it measures 23.5″ in diameter and it features a beautifully detailed rose pattern top plus an umbrella hole, allowing you to set up a patio umbrella on it. The two chairs are comfortable and perfectly complement the table, offering you comfortable seating and a matching rose pattern design that looks great. All the little details pop out due to the finish and not one part was forgotten, even the legs of the table and chairs have small accents to match the rest. It’s super easy to assemble and comes with 1 year of warranty as well. Now, it has some drawbacks. While it looks fantastic and the chairs’ weight capacity is rated at 200 lbs, it’s still a lightweight set not made for heavy use. With hard falls and the likes, it can crack or break some edges although this can be prevented if you take good care of it (such as covering it during rough winds). Overall though, it offers good bang for the buck and it really gives your patio an instantly classy look.

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Clayton Court 3-Piece Motion Outdoor Bistro Set, Red

A more contemporary take on the bistro set, the “Clayton Court” offers you lower and wider seats, more space and upgraded comfort at an affordable price. The set consists of two rocking armchairs and one 24″ circular table, all made from steel that has been powder coated with a dark paint for extra weather resistance. The design’s simple and effective, offering you good looks and elegance in a compact package that fits nearly anywhere. Comfort wise it’s fantastic, not only due to the curved shape and rocking motion but also due to the plump, comfy (and weatherproof) cushioning that comes included. The vibrant red color of the cushions beautifully contrasts with the dark frame, adding to its visual appeal, while the design style of the set blends in easily with any decoration. Assembling the pieces is incredibly easy and they come backed with 1 year of warranty. With a fantastic price to boot, this is a great option, in my view, if you’re looking for a cheap bistro set that delivers an extra level of comfort.

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Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus 3 Piece Round Wooden Bistro Outdoor Furniture Set

When it comes to cheap wooden bistro sets, this one is in my view the undisputed champion. Featuring a beautiful looking and highly resilient hardwood -Eucalyptus – combined with an effective design and fantastic price, this is one folding bistro set that you don’t want to miss. It consists of 2 chairs and 1 table, all of which have folding mechanisms for easier storage, plus two handsome and fade resistant cushions to improve the level of comfort. The table measures 23.5″ x 23.5″ (length x width) and stands at 28.5″ of height, making it quite spacious, and its design is beautifully simple. The chairs match the table, featuring traditional striped detailing that looks beyond great on wooden pieces plus they can handle up to 200 lbs of weight, even with their folding system. Not only is it functional and durable but the set’s incredibly good looking as well. The Eucalyptus wood is extremely similar to Teak in terms of looks and resilience (rich visuals, weatherproof, resistant to rot, sturdy) but it’s much more affordable, making it a premium option at an affordable price and it shows! The assembly is a breeze too and the set comes with 1 year of warranty plus the customer service is excellent. I also recommend that you give it a teak oil finish as it improves its life even further and looks incredible as well. The cushioning is also available in other colors, from brown to red, blue, green and more so be sure to select whichever you like best. Affordable excellence perfectly describes this wooden bistro set, giving you luxurious quality at a very attractive price.

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Patio Sense Faustina Antique Bronze 3 Piece Bistro Set

Patio Sense’s “Faustina” is, in my view, a cheap cast aluminum bistro set delivers handsome visuals, an uniquely beautiful design and manages to remain lightweight even with a solidly built body. The cast aluminum construction makes all pieces weatherproof and robust while the antique bronze finish adds a nice touch of class, making the elegant detailing pop. The table measures 23.6″ in diameter, 27″ in height and features a fantastic looking top that also has an umbrella hole, giving you the opportunity to set up some shade. Complementing the table, the chairs have a matching pattern and are also fairly comfortable although you can get cushioning to take it up a notch. Due to the material and finish used, the set requires zero maintenance and can endure the elements all year round even if always left outside. The assembly is quick and easy and the whole set comes backed with an excellent 5 year warranty. It’s stylish, well built and has a fantastic warranty to boot, making it a great affordable bistro set. It’s also available in a more traditionally designed version which features rounded seats instead.

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Suncrown Outdoor 3-Piece Rocking Wicker Bistro Set

Sleek, ultra modern and as comfortable as it gets, this inexpensive bistro set’s popularity is well deserved. Starting with the cleanly detailed iron frames, they’re not only very robust (can handle a lot of weight) but also weatherproof due to the black powder coat finish plus they’re designed in a minimal but extremely effective way, featuring a rocking base and wide comfortable seating. The body of the chairs is covered in beautiful dark resin wicker (brown or wood grain also available) and the white cushioning (or navy) that comes included is very elegant, plump and mighty comfortable. The 19.25″ tall table matches the other pieces perfectly, featuring a dark steel frame, resin wicker edges and a stunning tempered glass top that measures 18″x18″ (length x width). The whole set is impressively well built and every little detail is very well finished, giving it a high quality and luxurious look. Every piece, including the cushioning, is resilient to the elements and can endure the outdoors all year round plus they’re made in the USA which is always a welcome bonus (and the brand’s customer service is fantastic as well). It’s available in three different versions, as I’ve mentioned above – black (pictured), brown or wood grain – so you can choose the one you like best. The set’s a piece of cake to assemble and it comes with 30 days of warranty. With an incredibly attractive price to boot, this is in my opinion one of the best cheap bistro sets you can get.

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International Caravan Mandalay Iron Bar Bistro, Antique Black (Set of 3)

As you might know, I’ve also featured this set on the main “best bistro sets” list and I’m also placing it here. Why? Because it’s a truly traditional, well made, stunning bistro set that is somehow available at an affordable price. It’s not just one of the best inexpensive ones, it’s one of the best ones, period. From the powder coated iron body that gives you durability and weather resistance to the classically classy design and traditional French bistro set dimensions, this thing embodies everything that makes these units so charming and popular. As a 3 piece set, it consists of 2 tall armchairs and 1 big 30″ diameter table, giving you plenty of room to use while maintaining the famously compact size. All the pieces are made of iron and detailed in an extremely elegant fashion, instantly giving your patio a fresh European touch. Even without cushioning the chairs are very comfortable due to their design that includes armrests, a footrest and curve shaped seats. They’re also extremely robust, each chair holding up to 350 lbs of weight with ease. Assembling this set is as straightforward as it gets and it comes with the standard 30 days of warranty period plus the brand’s support is fantastic which I always appreciate. It’s one of my favorite bistro sets of all time and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way from the moment you see it on your patio! Highly recommended.

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Finding a quality set that consists of a cheap bistro table and chairs isn’t an easy task but I can say with confidence that these are in my view the very best. Now there’s no reason why you can’t get a luxurious and classy European vibe going in your patio, as the models that we’ve taken a look at above can be considered to be, in my opinion, some of the top cheap bistro sets and they will surely impress.

Remember to leave your questions and opinions below, I do my best to read and answer them all. Thanks for reading!

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