Best Patio Dining Sets 2019

Best Patio Dining Sets 2019
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Best Patio Dining SetsPatio dining sets are, in one word, essential. They open up a world of possibilities, including quality time spent with your family, fun conversations and much more, letting you enjoy your outdoors a whole lot more. Not only are they useful but they also serve as a strong and stunning decoration piece that can truly revolutionize the way your patio looks. They’ve been used for centuries and are loved by everyone, as such there are dozens of them to choose from. Thankfully, we’ve bought, thoroughly tested and selected only the very best patio dining sets you can get, ensuring you find the perfect one. All of them are guaranteed to offer a high quality, beautiful and truly valuable experience at an attractive price. Let’s begin!

Best Patio Dining Sets

These are the best outdoor dining sets for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for your convenience.

Dining Set Home Styles Biscayne Outdoor Dining Set Hanover MONACO Outdoor Dining Set Great Deal Furniture Jelle Wood Dining Set UF Outdoor Patio Dining Set Hanover Traditions 9 Piece Dining Set Bayview Teak Outdoor Dining Set Darlee Elisabeth 9-Piece Dining Set Cast Aluminum Outdoor Dining Set UF Modern Outdoor Patio Dining Set Luxurious Grade-A Teak Dining Set Oakland Living Belmont Dining Set
Price $ $ $ $ $ $$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$$
Pieces 7 5 6 9 9 9 9 9 13 13 13
Size (LxW) 72"x42" 51" Diameter 70"x33" 70.8"/94.5"x35.5" 84"x42" 63"/73"/84"x40" 64"x64" 71"/103"x44" 86.6"/130"x36.2" 82"/117"x42.5" 84"/104"/126"x44"
Material Cast Aluminum Aluminum + Natural Stone + Polyester Iron + Wood + Resin Wicker Aluminum + Poly Wood Aluminum Teak Wood Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum Aluminum + Glass Top + Polyester Teak Wood Cast Aluminum
Umbrella Hole
Warranty Contact Manufacturer 1 Year 30 Days 3 Years 1 Year Contact Manufacturer 5 Years 5 Years 3 Years Contact Manufacturer Contact Manufacturer
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Patio Dining Set Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the outdoor patio dining sets shown in the table above. This will ensure that you know exactly what they have to offer and how they standout from one another.

Home Styles Biscayne 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set, Rust Bronze Finish

The Biscayne is a simple but beautiful 7 piece outdoor dining set, featuring a cost effective all cast aluminum construction that comes with a good looking rust bronze finish. The table’s 72″x42″ (length x width) and stands at 28.5″ of height, making it large enough to gather up to 6 chairs around it comfortably and it also has an umbrella hole. The 6 matching chairs are included, of course, and although they’re not super comfortable they still look good and it’s nothing a simple set of cushions can’t fix. Both the chairs and table have an interlaced styling which is quite unique and handsome plus the finish brings it all together, giving off a nice appearance. It’s decently built throughout and the aluminum body makes it resilient against the weather, rustproof and just heavy enough to deal with rough winds while still being easy to move. The assembly is easy and the biggest issue the unit has – its packaging and delivery – is softened by the brand’s warranty to instantly replace, for free, anything that might arrive damaged. It’s simple, very affordable and an overall solid outdoor dining set for 6, just keep an eye out for the packaging condition.

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Hanover MONACO 5-Piece High-Back Sling Swivel Rocker Outdoor Dining Set

When it comes to round patio dining sets, the Hanover Monaco’s style, charm and quality make it a fantastic option. It’s a small outdoor dining set, as is common of round ones, making it very easy to fit pretty much anywhere plus the table’s modest 4.25 feet diameter just makes conversations more intimate. It comes with 4 matching high-back chairs, available in either regular or swivel rocker style (pictured), all of which look great. They feature a comfortable curved shape, intricate detailing on the top and the colors perfectly complement the table. The table’s the main attraction, of course, offering you a stunning top made of natural stone tiles that are perfectly placed and sealed to resist the weather. The rest of the table doesn’t stay behind in the looks department either, giving you a classically beautiful pedestal base and it even has an umbrella hole in the middle, allowing you to place a patio umbrella in it (matching one sold separately) to get some shade. When it comes to quality, the craftsmanship is impressive for the price and the materials used (aluminum, stone tile and coated polyester for the chairs) are all quite durable and decently resilient to the elements. Assembling the unit is straightforward and it comes with 1 year of warranty as well. With solid construction, a beautiful classic appearance and lots of value for the price, the Monaco is a great choice if you’re looking for a 5 piece outdoor dining set.

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Great Deal Furniture Jelle 6 Piece Acacia Wood Dining Set with Wicker Dining Chairs

Another entry by GDF, the Jelle is an incredibly unique wood outdoor dining set that offers you a handsome combination of materials and styles that results in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a 6 piece set although it’s got a different arrangement than what you’re used to, consisting of 4 cushioned wicker chairs, 1 wooden bench and 1 wooden table. The table and bench have a good looking and sturdy set of materials, with the tops being made of acacia wood with a teak finish and the frame being made of weather resistant powder coated iron. The chairs on the other hand feature a gorgeous multi brown wicker body that has a robust iron frame beneath it and the comfortable beige cushions are made of weatherproof polyester. This makes the whole set not only stunning but also very durable and resilient to the elements. Moving on to dimensions, the table’s 70″x33″ (length x width) and 29.5″ tall, making it quite roomy, while the bench is 63″x14.5″ and 17.75″ tall, ensuring that up to 3 people can sit on it. The chairs are carefully detailed, incredibly comfortable (especially due to the cushioning) and the wicker detailing looks beyond great. To go along with their quality, the table and bench are equally well finished and robust. As far as outdoor dining sets with benches go this is one of the best but if you prefer a more traditional solution, the set’s also available in other versions where it comes with two extra chairs instead of the bench and another where the chairs are regular and non-cushioned. Throw a couple of accent outdoor cushions on it and you’ve got yourself a strikingly eye-catching wood and wicker outdoor dining set set that stands out from the rest.

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UrbanFurnishing 9 Piece Eco-Wood Extendable Outdoor Patio Dining Set

This minimal-styled modern dining set offers an attractive clean design, outdoor durability and a great hidden leaf extension. Keep in mind that even though this is a 9 piece outdoor dining set, only 6 chairs actually “fit” in the table with the other 2 stand a bit outside. It still seats eight people but it’s more comfortable with only six. The table’s 70.8″/94.5″ long (without or with extension), 35.5″ wide and 30″ tall and the 8 chairs are all stackable for easy storage and surprisingly comfortable even without cushioning. The materials used (poly wood for the tops and powder coated aluminum for the frames) are all weatherproof and their combination of colors looks fantastic. It’s also easy to use the extension and the fact that it’s stored below the table itself is a huge bonus. Assembling the unit is easy and it comes backed with a 3 year warranty. Even though it’s more of a 6 person set (and not 8 as the chairs would indicate), it’s still a really good looking and refreshingly modern unit that’s low maintenance and ingeniously built.

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Hanover Traditions 9 Piece Dining Set

Hanover’s go at a large traditional patio dining set is nothing short of amazing. Combining high quality with an attractive price, the “Traditions” set offers you a full, comfortable and good looking bundle that’s sure to impress. It’s available in different colors (red, blue or tan) and in a square-shape as well, adapting to your personal preference. Its large table size of 84″x42″ (length x width) gives enough space to fit up to 8 chairs around it, all of which are beautifully designed and have a rocking swivel base. They’re also very comfy not only due to their shape and base but also due to the plump and vibrantly colored seat cushions that are included. The table’s made of durable cast aluminum, like the chairs, and has a handsome lattice detailing on its top as well as an umbrella hole. Every piece is weatherproof, including the cushions, and the aluminum has a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish as well. There’s some assembly needed, which is straightforward, and the set comes with 1 year of warranty. Offering you quality that’s way above its price, this stunning 9 piece dining set is the definition of “bang for your buck”.

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Grade-A Teak Outdoor Dining Set Double Extension Table

When it comes to 100% wooden outdoor dining sets, high quality teak is the only real solution. While other types of wood either crack, rot or fade away, teak stands strong and beautiful no matter the weather, even if left outside all year round. Not only that but it’s also incredibly handsome and robust, as it’s evident in this unit. It’s a big 9 piece dining set, consisting of 8 stacking chairs and 1 large extendable table which allows you to adapt its size to the amount of people that’ll be sitting around it. It measures 63″/73″/84″ in length (depending on extensions used), 40″ in width and it has an umbrella hole in the middle which you can always use, even with the extensions. The chairs are beautiful, sturdy and curve shaped for added comfort. They’re also designed as stacking chairs, allowing you to easily store them plus they all come with included olive-colored Sunbrella cushioning. Any hardware used is also rustproof, making the whole set completely resilient against the elements. The set comes naturally unfinished which will result in it weathering to a beautiful color with time (without ever losing strength or quality) although you can finish it with teak oil if preferred. You’ll also notice that the wood’s thick and extremely sturdy in every part of the set, ensuring it lasts a lifetime. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this, as I consider it one of the few worthwhile all wood patio dining sets out there. It offers excellent quality, lifelong durability and gorgeous looks at a very attractive price.

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Darlee Elisabeth Cast Aluminum 9-Piece Dining Set with Square Dining Table, Antique Bronze Finish

Darlee’s popular “Elisabeth” – an aluminum outdoor dining set –  is intricately detailed, elegant and fairly priced as well. Although it’s also available in the more common rectangular shape if you prefer, this square shaped model brings a unique level of intimacy and warmth due to everyone being closer to each other. It has 9 pieces, consisting of 1 square table and 8 chairs plus the seat cushioning is included. Both the chairs and table have an earthy, nature-like pattern design that blends beautifully with its surroundings while looking very classy and traditional. The table measures 64″x64″ and stands at 29″ of height, giving it enough room to comfortably seat up to 6 people around it. It also has an umbrella hole that you can cover when not in use and all the chairs can be stacked for easier storage. Every part of the set is made of cast aluminum that has been powder coated for added weather resistance and hand-finished with an antique bronze tone that looks stunning. The included sesame-colored cushioning is plump and comfortable while also being weatherproof due to its 100% polyester body. Assembling the set is very straightforward and it comes with a fantastic 5 year warranty too. Providing high quality at a very competitive price, the Elisabeth outdoor dining set makes it easy to see the root of its popularity.

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Cast Aluminum Outdoor Patio 9 Piece Extension Dining Table Set

This large, beautiful unit by CBM Patio is one of the best all-aluminum patio dining sets you can get, delivering a fully featured experience and absolutely top notch quality in both form and function. The set consists of 8 chairs (6 armchairs plus 2 swivel rockers) and 1 large extendable table, all of which have a matching classical design that’s perfectly executed. The table’s 71″ long and can extend up to an enormous 103″ inches of length, while the width is always 44″ and the height’s 28.8″. It also features an umbrella hole (that can be covered when not in use), allowing you to get some nice shade, and all the armchairs (not the swivel rockers, of course) can be stacked for easier storage. Both the chairs and the table give off a very high quality and classy appearance due to the sleek lines and carefully crafted details, making it a great centerpiece for your patio. Chair cushioning is also included and not only is it comfy but also weatherproof, much like the rest of the set due to the powder coated aluminum frames. It’s also robust and hefty enough to easily deal with any winds, allowing you to leave it outside all year round without any issues. This was a positively surprising acquisition as I got it just as it came out and without any previous knowledge of the brand and thankfully it turned out to be a gorgeous and impressively well crafted set. There’s some assembly required although it’s done quickly and the whole set comes with a nice long warranty of 5 years (1 year on the cushions). If you’re looking for a classy, large patio dining set that offers you high quality with the affordability of aluminum, this is an excellent choice.

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UrbanFurnishing 13 Piece Extendable Modern Outdoor Patio Dining Set – Black

Moving on to the 13 piece large outdoor dining sets, we’ve got this super sleek black patio dining set by Urban Furnishing that has a beautiful simplicity to it while also being comfortable and versatile. It’s available in black (pictured) and as a white outdoor dining set as well, with both versions consisting of 12 armchairs plus 1 extendable glass top table. While the table’s 86.6″x36.2″ (length x width), it can extend up to a huge 130″ of length in a smooth and simple motion. The chairs have a modern look, like the table, and are very comfortable due to their woven polyester body plus they have a stacking design as well, making them easy to store. The frosted glass table top makes this set quite stunning and classy even with its minimal design. When it comes to durability, every single material used is weatherproof and robust, from the rustproof aluminum frames to the polyester, ensuring that it can resist both use and weather. It’s also easy to assemble and comes with a 3 year warranty. It’s ultra modern, effective and for a 13 piece dining set it’s quite affordable.

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Luxurious Grade-A 13 Piece Teak Dining Set – Double Extension Table

This is the bigger and better version of the previously shown teak patio dining set, by the same brand, featuring an extra large extendable table, luxurious detailing and the same amount of quality and lifelong durability. The set consists of 12 chairs (10 armless and 2 captain style armchairs) and 1 extendable table, all of which are made of high grade teak – the very best wood for outdoor use. Not only is it extremely good looking but also highly resistant against use and weather, ensuring that it will last a lifetime even if left outside all year round. The set comes unfinished, showing its beautiful natural colors, although you can finish it if you prefer. Measuring 117″x42.5″x29.5″ (length x width x height) when extended, the table’s very large and can accommodate all the included chairs comfortably, although you can use it in its regular 82″x42.5″x29.5″ size as well. It’s also very easy to extend due to its butterfly leaf system and features an umbrella hole in the middle, giving you the opportunity to get some nice shade. The chairs have a uniquely classy design, featuring smooth lines, expertly crafted detailing and a very comfortable curve shaped body which can be further improved by getting the matching Sunbrella cushioning (sold separately). The biggest draw is without a doubt just how beautiful it looks, having a 100% wood dining set is truly fantastic and brings a naturally gorgeous presence to your patio. This is the best large wooden patio dining set you can get, offering you a lifetime of use and good looks.

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Oakland Living Belmont 13-Piece Expandable Dining Table Set with Sunbrella Cushions

Extremely well crafted, fully featured and superbly good looking, the Belmont is one of the best patio dining sets money can buy. It’s just as good as you’d expect from Oakland Living, featuring an expertly executed and striking design, durable construction and smooth engineering. It’s a powerful centerpiece, drawing your guests’ attention to its gorgeous looks and luxurious presence while also delivering great comfort and spaciousness. It measures 84″, 104″ or 126″ of length, depending on the extensions level, 44″ of width and stands at 30″ of height. Using the extensions is easy and smooth due to the leaf mechanism and the table also features an umbrella hole, allowing you to set one up. It’s gorgeously detailed too, featuring a truly beautiful pattern and high quality detailing that really sets it apart from the competition. The 12 chairs (10 armchairs and 2 swivel rockers) are equally as good, featuring a handsome and extremely elegant basket weave design that is further complemented by the accents on the back and arms. They’re also very comfortable and even more so due to the fantastic Sunbrella cushioning that comes included. The Belmont gives a wonderful name to cast aluminum patio dining sets, offering you a hefty structure coupled with a luxurious looking powder coat finish that’ll elevate your patio’s beauty to another level. Every single part of the set is rustproof and weatherproof, including the cushions, and guaranteed to last for years on end without losing a fraction of its charm. It’s not a cheap unit but the level of quality is truly outstanding. Congratulations to Oakland Living for doing such a fantastic job as the Belmont is one of the best outdoor dining sets ever made.

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Big or small, metal or wood, these are the best outdoor dining furniture sets that outsmart, outlast and outperform the competition.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, be sure to take a look at the cheap patio dining sets list – you’ll get to see some of the best deals on patio dining sets ever. They’ll quickly prove that you don’t need to pay premium to get an excellent set.

I’d love to read your opinions so make sure to leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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