Best Fire Rings 2019

Best Fire Rings 2019
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Best Fire Rings Inserts LinersFire rings, also known as fire pit liners or fire pit inserts, are portable, durable and extremely versatile units that can be used to either create quick and safe fires or as excellent liners for DIY fire pit projects. The best fire rings should be easy to assemble, have great construction and most importantly, be made of thick, high gauge steel that can easily endure rough use and weather for years.

I love creating fire pits from scratch so I’ve got a fair share of experience with using fire rings as liners but some of my landscaping clients also really love the simplicity of having one of these sitting above ground on their backyard due to how easy they are to use and clean. As with all things, I’ve had some fire rings in the past that weren’t up to snuff, especially concerning their durability which I consider vital. The ones I’ll list here though, are without a doubt the best fire rings I’ve ever seen. They have slightly different applications (and price tags), ones being better to sit outside while others are better used as inserts or even both, but they all share one trait – fantastic value for the price.

I’ve created a comparison table to give you a quick overview of each one and below you can read in-depth reviews of each individual fire ring.

Best Fire Rings and Fire Pit Liners & Inserts

Fire Ring CobraCo Evening Sky Campfire Ring Sunnydaze Diamond Fire Ring Titan Steel Fire Pit Liner Catalina Creations Fire Ring Titan Outdoors Steel Fire Ring Sunnydaze Fire Pit Ring/Liner
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$$
Size (HxW) 9"x36" 10"x36" 10"x46" 10"x31" 8"x36" 10"x45"
Body Quality Decent (20 Gauge) Decent (20 Gauge) Good (19/16 Gauge) Excellent (10 Gauge) Excellent (10 Gauge) Great (14 Gauge)
Special Feature Spark Screen Lining Big Steel Lip Super Durable + Free Grill Grate + Big Steel Lip Super Durable + Free Grill Grate Durable + Large
Warranty Limited 1 Year 1 Year Limited - You Won't Need It 1 Year - You Won't Need It 1 Year
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Best Fire Rings Reviews

Now let’s get to the detailed analysis of each fire ring and get to know exactly what they have to offer.

CobraCo Evening Sky Campfire Ring FRSTAR369

This CobraCo fire ring delivers decent performance at a super inexpensive price. It’s 36” wide, 9” tall and weighs around 11 pounds, making it very light and easy to move around. The fire ring has a nice starry sky cut-out design (horse and moose designs also available), and the black finish looks good. The main drawback is that the steel itself, while sturdy, isn’t very durable. It’s only 3/80” thick (20 gauge steel) so if it starts to rust it won’t endure much abuse. Even then, it’s easily assembled and if you take care of it (protect it from rough weather such as rain), it will perform just fine. For the price, it’s a solid choice.

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Sunnydaze Heavy Duty Diamond Campfire Ring, 36 Inch Diameter

Sunnydaze delivers a great budget fire ring that offers substantial improvements over the previous entry, even if the steel quality (20 gauge) and finish (high-temperature black paint) are the same. The fire ring is 36” in diameter and 10” tall, making it a bit taller than the CobraCo model and weighs around 15 pounds which makes it easy to move. The steel will start to rust if left unprotected, much like the previously shown model, so remember to cover it as much as possible. This fire ring has a spark screen behind every cut-out for added safety and both the top and bottom have a slight edge inward that gives it much more stability. It’s well constructed and easy to set up, featuring a straightforward 4-piece assembly. The diamond cut-out design also looks great when it’s fired up. This fire ring gives you more quality for a few bucks more, making it a good budget unit.

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Titan 38″ Diameter Steel Fire Pit Liner Ring Heavy Duty DIY In-Ground Outdoor

It’s smartly designed, absolutely gigantic and fairly durable, this great fire ring by Titan Outdoors will offer you the biggest diameter for the money out of all the competition. It has a huge 46” diameter (including the lip) while the inside ring measures 40”. This allows you to build big, roaring fires that heat a large area around it. The 19 gauge steel ring and 16 gauge steel lip combination (7/160” and 1/16” thick steel respectively), while not being super thick still ensure that it can take some punishment both from use and weather. It also has a high temperature finish to help it handle the flames and extend its life. The ring comes in 4 pieces and is quick and easy to assemble, all you need is to fit them together with 8 bolt and you’re all set. It’s fairly lightweight as well and as such it’s easy to carry. It comes with 1 year of warranty as well. It has above average quality and the size you get for such a low price is unbeatable. I recommend this if you want the biggest possible fire ring for the lowest amount of money.

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Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Fire Ring with Cooking Grate

Catalina Creations delivers what just might be the best bang for your buck fire ring ever. While it’s regular sized (31” diameter outer lip, 29” inner ring and 10” tall), the astonishing quality you get for the inexpensive price is nearly unbelievable. Let’s talk about the durability and construction quality first – it features 10 gauge steel (9/64” thick or 3.57mm) which is more than 3 times as thick and durable as the options presented above (which are around 1mm) and it also comes with a high-temperature finish. These two combined make for a tank-like durability against any kind of punishment from super-hot temperatures to heavy rain, rust and corrosion – this fire ring can take it with ease. It’s also easy to assemble and comes with a fantastically handy 25” adjustable grill grate so you can have some delicious cookouts. It’s perfect to use as is and it will also make one of the best fire pit liners if you already have a place for it or want to get some DIY action and create a fire pit from scratch. Truly an incredible value, this fire ring will last you a lifetime of use and best of all, it’s stunningly inexpensive. Congratulations to the Catalina Creations team.

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36″ Steel Fire Ring with Cooking Grate Campfire Pit

This large fire pit ring is Titan Outdoors’ upgraded version of their already solid model. The durability is much better, going from 20 gauge to 10 gauge steel (1mm vs 3.57mm of thickness) which makes it incomparably more sturdy and resistant to use and weather. There are 3 diameter sizes to choose from – 24”, 32” and even the popular 36” fire pit ring size, with each being slightly more expensive than the last, and all are around 8” tall. The fire ring is well made and has a few handy features such as draft holes for oxygenation, drain holes to get rid of rain and a great cooking grate that swivels back and forth. The grate is 15.5”x19.5” and sits on one side of the fire ring. The ring has a high temperature finish as well which helps it to deal with big fires and further helps its already stunning durability. This fire ring is popular due to its fantastic resilience, range of sizes and fair price. If you want a similar fire ring to the excellent Catalina Creations one seen above but in a bigger size, this is it. Due to all of this, it makes for a superb fire pit liner as well. As a bonus, the company is 100% American and it has great customer service.

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Sunnydaze Fire Pit Liner, Heavy Duty, DIY Above or In-Ground

This 42 inch fire pit ring by Sunnydaz delivers everything you want from a fire ring, having only one slight drawback – the steel gauge. It’s not as high as it could be, although it’s still thick enough to handle rough use and weather (2mm thick steel). It’s very large (42″ wide and 10″ tall) and features a great-looking steel lip that gives a nice visual touch, especially if you use it as a fire pit liner. It’s easy to assemble, easy to use and fairly priced, combine that with a great design, large size and great durability and you’ve got yourself a fantastic option.

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These 6 beauties are sure to provide you with a great experience, no matter the use. I’ve got a soft spot for both the Titan Outdoors second model and for the Catalina Creations fire ring because the quality of their steel is beyond excellent – they will last a lifetime even if left outside without protection – and that for me is how the best fire rings should be.

If you’re interested in getting a classic fire pit instead of just a ring, you can check out the main fire pits article to see the overall top rated units.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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  1. Finally someone that knows what he’s talking about! Beautiful guide Jack, it helped me immensely and I ended up getting 2 of these babies – the Titan you recommended and the Sunnydaze with the diamond cutouts (my kids love it!).

    1. Hey Douglas, I’m always glad to help. Great choices, I’m sure both you and your kids will have a lot of fun with them – enjoy!

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