Best Deck Boxes 2019

Best Deck Boxes 2019
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Best Deck BoxesBe it for your patio or pool, deck boxes are a beautifully discreet way to store any items you need outdoors while keeping them at a handy distance. They’re usually made of plastic composite due to the material’s high resistance to use and weather but there are also some exceptions that offer a different combination such as aluminum and wicker. There is also a wide variety of sizes and capacities to choose from, perfectly adapting to your space and storage need, from 100 gallons all the way up to 150 and more. While there are hundreds of them to choose from, today we’ll be looking only at a selection of the very best deck boxes you can get. These have been personally tested and are guaranteed to be well designed, good looking, sturdy and offer you great value.

Let’s start by taking a look a the comparison table and further below you can read each unit’s individual review.

Best Deck Boxes

These are the best deck boxes for sale on the market, thoroughly compared.

Deck Box Keter Westwood Deck Storage Box Lifetime Heavy-Duty Deck Box Suncast Vertical Deck Box Freeport Wicker Deck Box Keter Brightwood Patio Deck Box Highwood Deck Storage Box
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$$
Size (LxWxH) 61"x28.5"x25.4" 59.3"x25"x25.3" 48"x30.25"x41.25" 48"x24"x28" 57"x27.5"x23.7" 44"x25.8"x24.9"
Gallons 150 150 195 150 120 100
Material Plastic Composite Plastic Composite Plastic Composite Aluminum + Wicker Plastic Composite Highwood Composite
Bench Use
Warranty 2 Years 10 Years 5 Years 30 Days 2 Years 12 Years
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Deck Box Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the units shown above. This lets you know exactly what they have to offer, ensuring you make the perfect choice.

Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box 150 Gal, Brown

The “Westwood” plastic deck box is a new and improved version of Keter’s popular “Rockwood” model. By taking the plastic’s visuals up a notch, improving its construction and even cutting down the price, Keter delivers a solid deck box with seats at a very affordable price. It’s around 5’x2.4′ (length x width) and 2.1′ tall, giving it a maximum storage capacity of 150 gallons and making it large enough to seat two people on top if needed. The plastic construction is resistant against the weather so you can leave it outside all year round without worries and it’s also robust, holding up to 660 lbs of weight on the top lid. It features a faux wood texture that the previous models didn’t have, which gives it a more natural, realistic look and the box is fully covered, leaving things nice and dry inside even if it rains. It also has an hydraulic lid, giving you handy automatic opening, and a padlock ring to let you lock it up for safety. Assembly is a breeze if you follow the instructions and it comes backed with a 2 year warranty. While it’s quite simple, it still delivers the essentials at a low price, making this a great outdoor deck box if you’re on a budget.

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Lifetime Heavy-Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box, 150 gallon

Lifetime’s super popular heavy duty 150 gallon deck box delivers the brand’s trademark quality with modern looks, great storage capacity and even better performance. It measures 5’x2.1’x2′ (length x width x height) and has a maximum storage capacity of 150 gallons, making it large and sturdy deck box. The dual-wall high density plastic body is extremely resistant to the weather and waterproof, allowing you to leave it outside all year round. It’s also strongly built, featuring metal reinforcements that make it robust enough to seat two people on top. It features hydraulic pistons that make opening and closing the lid easier and safer (won’t slam shut) and it’s also a lockable deck box, featuring a padlock ring which makes it easy for you to protect your items. The uniquely modern design looks great on any patio and this model is also available in smaller sizes if you prefer. It’s easy to assemble, although it takes a bit of time, and it comes with an enormous 10 year warranty. It’s easy to see why this Lifetime deck box was an instant hit – it’s durable, looks great and is attractively priced to boot.

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Suncast Deck Box, Vertical

This vertical deck box by Suncast is big, giving you a massive 195 gallon storage, and good looking too with wicker-styled panels. The construction quality is on par with the previous units, featuring a double-walled HDP body that is resistant against use and weather. It’s 4 feet long, 2.5 feet wide and 3.4 feet tall, making it a large but versatile size, allowing you to place things on top such as plants, speakers or even a TV. The front doors and lid all open up nicely and have hydraulic pistons to make opening and closing this tall deck box a safe and smooth experience. It’s also weatherproof, as mentioned above, and will keep everything stored dry even when it rains. It’s padlock ready as well, allowing you to secure it if you want. Assembling the unit is very easy and it comes with a 5 year warranty. It’s also available in white if you prefer. For an extra large deck box the price is fantastic and with sturdiness and good looks to boot, it’s a great option.

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Freeport Brown Wicker Outdoor Storage Deck Box

If you love wicker furniture then look no further, the “Freeport” wicker deck box is for you. It’s beautiful and impressively well made, offering you quality in both usage and looks. Starting off with the stunning multi-brown wicker weave, it’s the very best you’ll find on a resin deck box – not only does it look and feel natural but it’s also incredibly well put together, covering every little edge with perfection. The box measures 4.5’x2.2′ (length x width) and stands at 2.4 feet of height, making it quite large and roomy, and although there is no official storage capacity number I’d say it sits around 150 gallons. If you’re looking for a deck box with wheels so you can easily move it around, this unit’s got you covered, plus it also has handles and even hydraulic pistons to make opening and closing the lid a smooth process. The aluminum frame makes the whole unit sturdy and rustproof as well, but even though it’s weatherproof keep in mind that with sufficiently rough winds the lid might open up and expose the inside (since it can’t be locked). Even though this will only happen during very fast winds, you can further prevent it by placing a weight on top if it ever gets rough. It’s easy to assemble (instructions and tools included) and it comes with 1 month of warranty. In my opinion, it’s the best wicker deck box you can get.

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Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Outdoor Patio Storage Furniture Deck Box

If you liked the previously shown “Westwood” unit but wanted it in a beautiful off-white color, look no further. Even though it’s a bit smaller (120 gallons of max storage capacity instead of 150), this sleek white deck box is much stronger (804 lbs weight limit instead of 660) and the more detailed design coupled with the incredibly good looking color more than make up for it. The construction quality is on par with the brand’s other models, making it quite robust and weatherproof. It also features hydraulic pistons for ease of use and a padlock ring to allow you to lock the box. It can easily hold two people sitting on it at once and the 120 gallons of storage space is still quite large. The highlight is the design – from the interestingly detailed frame to the texture and beautiful color, it’ll positively standout. Also, due to its great water resistance, it makes for a great pool deck box. It’s quick and easy to put together, comes with a 2 year warranty and it’s also available in 2 other colors although this one is by far my favorite. In terms of sheer looks, it’s one of the best deck boxes out there and the rest of the package matches the visual quality.

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Highwood Deck Storage Box, Large, Black

And finally, my absolute favorite of the list, the handmade Highwood outdoor deck storage box. When it comes to looks it’s simply unbeatable and best of all – the durability and quality are on the same level as well. Although I’ve got the black deck box version (pictured), it’s also available in white, green, whitewash, acorn, teak and the insanely beautiful toffee color too. This isn’t your typical patio deck box as it uses a more classic construction, which I really like, featuring a simple but durable opening mechanism and an inside that matches the outside’s beauty (which is a rarity in these products). At a size of 3.7’x2.15′ (length x width) and 2.1′ of height, it’s a relatively compact unit that can fit anywhere while still offering 100 gallons of storage capacity. The durability matches the quality of the visuals – featuring the brand’s trademark Highwood composite, this deck box is as resilient and sturdy as it can be, ensuring that it lasts a lifetime without ever losing its handsome looks. It’s weatherproof and it’ll keep things dry, although the lid isn’t perfectly watertight so water will sip through with enough rain. Another difference is that it’s not made to be sat on, although you can it possible by reinforcing the lid yourself with a stainless steel frame if you’re into DIY like myself. The assembly is quick and easy and the unit comes with a huge 12 year warranty. It’s 100% handmade in America as well, which is always a welcome bonus. While it might not be as big or advanced as others (in terms of mechanisms), its sheer aesthetic quality blows the competition out of the water and the Highwood body ensures it lasts a lifetime. It’s without a doubt the best deck box I’ve ever had.

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Any of these deck boxes will offer you a durable, effective and beautiful solution for patio storage. Most of the models are available in different sizes and colors so remember to check their pages for those options.

While deck boxes aren’t very expensive to begin with, there are still some models that offer a lot of value at a ridiculously cheap price – you can find them in the cheap deck boxes list if you’re interested.

Thanks, as always, for reading and be sure to leave your opinions below!

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