Best Cheap Garden Benches 2020

Best Cheap Garden Benches 2020
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Cheap Garden BenchesYou don’t need to pay premium to enjoy the peaceful outdoors, these cheap garden benches combine timeless elegance and much needed relaxation in an affordable package that can’t be missed – even if you’re on a budget. The choices below are gems that don’t disappoint, delivering fantastic value for the price, and they’re thoroughly compared and reviewed for your pleasure. Let’s start by looking at a quick overview of all the benches.

While this article will focus on affordable choices, feel free to check out the original best garden benches article to see the overall top rated units.

Cheap Garden Benches

These are all of the top rated cheap garden benches, thoroughly compared for you.

Garden Bench BCP Garden Bench Bronze BCP Patio Bench Cast Aluminum Coral Coast Royal Garden Bench Vifah Baltic Outdoor Wood Garden Bench Amazonia Milano 4-Feet Eucalyptus Bench Patio Sense Cast Aluminum Bench Plow & Hearth Garden Bench
Price $ $ $ $ $ $ $$
Seat Size 4 Feet 3.5 Feet 4 Feet 5 Feet 4 Feet 4 Feet 3.5 Feet
Material Steel Cast Aluminum Steel Eucalyptus Wood Eucalyptus Wood Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum
Weight Capacity 400 lbs 500 lbs 400 lbs 550 lbs 500 lbs 440 lbs 400 lbs
Warranty 60 Days 60 Days 30 Days 1 Year 1 Year 30 Days 90 Days
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Cheap Garden Bench Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the cheap outdoor benches shown in the table above. This will ensure that you know exactly what they have to offer and how they standout from one another.

— these go great with cushions

Best Choice Products 50″ Patio Garden Bench Steel, Bronze

As simple as it gets but with a price that reflects it, this super cheap garden bench by BCP offers you the most basic experience possible while still being decently built and good looking. Offering  4′ long seat, it sits up to 2 people comfortably and it can hold up to 400 lbs of weight safely. The contoured seat, curved arm rests and angled back make for a comfortable seating experience while the hollow steel frame ensures decent durability. It’s also powder coated to improve the bench’s weather resistance and floral scroll design on the back is simple and elegant, giving it a much needed boost in character. It’s also available in 3 other designs and 2 other finishes – bronze and red – as well, simply pick your favorite on the product page. It’s easy to assemble and comes with 60 days of warranty. While you’ve got other more ornate and sturdier options, this cheap outdoor bench is a good choice if you want to spend as little as possible while still getting a solid unit.

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Best Choice Products Patio Garden Bench Cast Aluminum

Moving on to a more intricate choice by the same brand, this beautifully cheap cast aluminum garden bench gives your patio a classy presence not only due to its unique rose lattice detailing but also due to the nicely designed body. The seat’s around 3.5′ long, making it roomy enough for 2 people, and the curved back gives you an extra amount of comfort. Everything is handsomely detailed, from the legs and arms to the seat and back you’ll find pleasant and intricate little ornamentation that really makes the bench pop and look luxurious. It’s completely made from cast aluminum which is sturdy (giving it a 500 lbs weight limit), rustproof and can easily deal with outdoor use. To further improve its durability and visual effect it also features a beautiful antique bronze finish that brings the whole piece together. Its overall floral design is very pleasing to the eye and nicely complements any space which is an impressive feat at this price point. The assembly is a piece of cake and the bench comes with a 60 day warranty. Lots of value for the price can be found in this cheap garden bench.

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Coral Coast Royal Garden Bench, Antique Black Metal

This cheap patio bench is exactly like the first one shown previously but with a beautiful patterned back that features a classy Fleur-de-lis ⚜ in the middle. Material and quality wise it’s completely equal to the first one shown, featuring a powder coated steel body, a 4′ long seat and a 400 lbs weight limit. It’s super easy to setup and it comes with 30 days of warranty. While the hollow steel frame still leaves much to be desired, the beauty of the pattern is undisputed, making this bench an equally good choice to the first one if you’re on a budget.

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Vifah Baltic Eco-friendly 5-foot Outdoor Wood Garden Bench

While it’s rare to find a cheap wooden garden bench that’s worth the purchase, the Baltic qualifies by delivering a positively impressive experience that’s both beautiful and robust. Its 5′ long seat is roomy spacious enough to fit up to 3 people and the contoured sitting ensures comfort. The handsome traditional design coupled with the wood’s beautiful natural color makes this bench standout from the rest, making it look much more expensive than what it really is. It’s completely made of Eucalyptus hardwood which is, in short, very similar to teak while being more affordable – perfect for outdoor use and resilient to the weather. While it can endure the elements easily I recommend that you give it a teak oil finish once every year to maintain its fresh color. It’s also very sturdy, enduring up to 550 lbs of weight safely while still being easy to move around. The assembly is a breeze if you follow the instructions and all the hardware is included. With 1 year of warranty to boot, this is the best cheap wooden garden bench you can get.

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Amazonia Milano 4-Feet Eucalyptus Bench

Amazonia’s Eucalyptus garden bench is the brand’s less expensive version of their super popular teak model. It has the same size, the same level of great craftsmanship and a traditional design but instead of teak it features an Eucalyptus body which is an excellent replacement. Eucalyptus is very close to teak in quality, offering a similar amount of durability and weatherproof traits while being much more affordable, making it a fantastic type of wood to use on budget furniture – and that’s exactly what Amazonia did. Its 4′ long seat can seat up to 2 people while the curved design makes sure it’s a comfortable experience. The hardwood’s sturdiness gives the bench a weight limit of 500 lbs and if you want to keep its natural color, make sure to give it a teak oil finish once a year. The assembly is super easy and the bench comes with 1 year of warranty. Cheap wooden garden benches that don’t disappoint are a rarity but the Milano manages to break the mold and offer good quality at a low price.

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Patio Sense Antique Bronze Cast Aluminum Patio Bench

With a cast aluminum body, handsome detailing and an attractive price, it’s easy to see why this cheap metal garden bench is so popular. The woven pattern is as elegant as it is versatile, perfectly complementing any patio decor while also being a strong presence. The cast aluminum body is extremely resilient to the weather, resisting rust and fading with ease while also being durable enough to endure heavy use all year round. It features a gorgeous antique bronze finish that really makes the pattern standout and adds an extra layer of class to the whole bench. The seat’s approximately 4′ long, making it large enough for 2 people, and it’s also quite comfortable even without a cushion due to its lightly curved shape. It has a 440 lbs weight limit and its assembly is super straightforward. It comes with the standard 30 days of warranty as well. A great budget unit all around, it’s among the best cheap benches for outside use ever made.

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Plow & Hearth Grapevine Outdoor Garden Bench, White

Plow & Hearth’s inexpensive outdoor bench offers the best value for the price I’ve seen, giving you a sturdily built cast aluminum body, a beautifully timeless grapevine design and a comfortable seating experience to boot. Its cast aluminum body makes it lightweight enough to easily move around while also being robust and incredibly resilient to the elements, fighting off rust and fading with ease. The seat’s 3.5′ long which is spacious enough to fit 2 people and the unique shape of the frame makes it easy to relax comfortably plus it can endure up to 400 lbs of weight. It’s available in a white powder coat (pictured) and also black, so you can get whichever fits best in your patio and/or personal preference. The grapevine motif blends beautifully well with its surroundings and it’s present from top to bottom, enveloping the whole bench. It has an easy assembly too and comes backed with 90 days of warranty. This is a fantastic cheap garden bench not only due to its beautiful design and durable construction but also because of the remarkable bang for the buck it gives you.

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Now there’s no excuse not to sit down, breathe in, relax and admire your natural surroundings. I hope you’ve found your new cheap garden bench and that it’ll bring you endless years of peace and comfort!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you on the next one!

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