Best Outdoor Rugs 2019

Best Outdoor Rugs 2019
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Best Outdoor RugsTo bring a patio’s decor together flawlessly, nothing beats an outdoor rug. It perfectly complements your space and furniture while giving it a final, classy touch that’s as good looking as it is useful. There are hundreds of them on the market but I’ve bought, tested and selected the best outdoor rugs you can get and thoroughly reviewed and compared them, making it easy for you to find the perfect one. To be suitable for the outdoors they need to be resilient to the elements, hence why most patio rugs feature plastic composite bodies which are both weatherproof, fade-proof and durable – making them ideal for outside use. Every outdoor rug listed here also has other sizes and colors available on their product page, perfectly adjusting to your needs and personal preference. Let’s take a look!

Best Outdoor Rugs

These are the best outdoor patio rugs for sale on the market, thoroughly compared.

Patio Rug Fab H Cancun Outdoor Rug Mad Mats® Mix Outdoor Rug Outdoor Persian Rug Outdoor Plastic Rug Lex Casual Modern Outdoor Rug A2Z Outdoor Rug Gertmenian Neptune Prime Patio Rug Gertmenian Seneca Prime Patio Rug Gertmenian Platinum Furman Patio Rug
Price $ $ $ $ $ $$ $$$ $$$ $$$$
Size (LxW) 6'x9' 6'x9' 8'x11' 8'x10' 8'x11' 9'x12' 9'x13' 9'x13' 9'x13'
Other Sizes and Colors
Special Feature Sleek Modern Design Great Value for the Price Superb Quality Superb Quality Superb Quality
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Outdoor Rug Reviews

Here you can read in-depth reviews of all the patio rugs shown above. While some can be used both inside and out, keep in mind that the very best outdoor rugs for rain are those that are completely made of plastic composite so keep an eye out for that if you often have rainy weather.

Fab Habitat Cancun Outdoor Rug, Multicolor, 6′ x 9′

With a lot of versatile, good looking colors to choose from, nicely woven plastic and an incredibly affordable price to boot, it’s easy to see why the the “Cancun” plastic outdoor patio rug by Fab Habitat is so extremely popular. This model’s 6’x9′, although there are other sizes available, and features a fun, bright multi-color weave (also available in red, green, blue and more) that blends well with any patio decor. The material used, recycled plastic, makes it very resilient to the weather and super easy to clean while also being comfortable to walk on. It comes with a carrying bag and 1 year of warranty as well, making this outdoor rug a great choice – especially if you’re on a budget.

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Mad Mats Mix Outdoor Floor Mat, 6 by 9 Feet, Earth

Similarly to the model shown above, this Mad Mats outdoor rug features a mixed striped design with earthy colors, giving your patio natural-toned good looks with the famous Mad Mats quality. It’s 6’x9′, the regular outdoor rug size, and it’s made of recycled plastic that gives it a high resistance to weather, fading and mildew while also being easy to clean. The quality is solid, as you’d expect from the brand, featuring tightly woven plastic and a great finish on the seams. It comes with 1 year of warranty and it’s really well priced as well, like the model shown above, making it an equally good option.

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Traditional Persian Indoor Outdoor Rug 8’x11′

This classic Persian-styled outdoor rug offers the low maintenance and resistance of nylon – making it weatherproof – with the comfort of an ordinary rug due to the unique weave. Instead of feeling like you’re walking on plastic, it feels much more like a regular fabric indoors rug. Although this means that fluids and such don’t just pass right through, it’s still extremely easy to clean and it’s machine washable to boot. It’s also pretty big, measuring 7’10″x9’10”, and features a non-slip rubber back which makes it much safer than regular outdoor rugs. The pattern is very good looking, even more in person, and there’s also 3 similarly styled options with different colors (and sizes) to choose from. A successful hybrid, this patio rug gives you a great combination of outdoor resilience with indoor comfort, making it one of the best indoor outdoor rugs on the list.

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Lightweight Outdoor Reversible Plastic Rug

Green Decore gives us a reversible outdoor rug with a handsome pattern that’s available in a wide range of sizes and colors, all of which feature a weatherproof weave and nicely finished seams. It’s 100% made of plastic, making it easy to clean, durable and due to the large weave, also comfortable to walk on. The only downside is that if you use it in a high traffic area some threads might start to raise although if it’s used as a base for a furniture set and the likes, it’s perfectly resilient. This model is large (8’x10′), attractively priced and comes with 30 days of return period. If you like the pattern, you can get it with confidence.

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Lex Casual 8×11 Yellow Gold & Grey Geometric Modern Indoor Outdoor Rug

Offering you a refreshingly modern design, this contemporary outdoor rug brings an interesting geometric touch to your patio. While the pictured model is in a golden/grey pattern, it’s also available in a fantastically beautiful multicolored version, in black and white and much more. It’s also available in a lot of sizes, although this one – the 8’x11′ – gives you the best bang for the buck. Like the Persian rug showed previously, by the same brand, it’s also both comfortable and weather resistant plus it features a non-slip rubber back. It’s easy to clean and machine washable in cold temperatures as well, adding to its ease of use. A creative and unique design make this one of the best outdoor carpets you can get to modernize your patio and give it a stand out contemporary look.

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A2Z Trellis Design Outdoor Rug 9′ x 12′

With a large 9’x12′ size, high quality weave and a beautifully classy pattern, this stunning piece sits among the very best outdoor rugs you can get. Starting with its strongest feature, the weave quality is truly impressive. Not only are the poly materials extremely resilient to the weather but the weave technique and seam finish quality ensure that it can take a lot of use without threads getting damaged or rising up which is an excellent trait. The colors are just as pictured, very resistant against fading and the rug itself is very easy to clean in the event of a spill. It’s available in other sizes and colors (brown, black, blue, etc…) and it comes with the standard 30 days of return period. This beautiful outdoor rug offers impressive quality at a great price.

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Gertmenian Neptune Prime Modern Patio Furniture Rug, 9×13 Extra Large, Navy Blue

The best outdoor rugs for decks can be distilled down to one brand – Gertmenian rugs. They’ve been known since the early 1900’s for their luxurious quality, stunningly detailed looks and excellent durability – this rug is no exception. It’s 9’x13′, making it very large, and the pattern is richly designed, classy and of unmatched quality due to the superb craftsmanship of the fabric. It’s 100% made of plastic composite which is resilient to the weather, fadeproof and very easy to clean. The weave is very fine, allowing for the pattern to be highly detailed and making the rug comfortable to walk on. This also ensures that the threads won’t come lose, no matter how much use it gets. It’s more pricey than the other options but you truly do get what you pay for. If you want a touch of class and elegance on your outdoors that’ll last forever, this is the patio rug for you.

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Gertmenian Seneca Prime Modern Patio Furniture Rug, 9×13 Extra Large, Navy Blue

Another entry by Gertmenian, this stunning outdoor rug has all the qualities of the one above except it features a simpler and highly popular pattern that is sown to perfection. It has the same extra large 9’x13′ size and the same expertly weaved quality, offering you unmatched resilience and an eye-catching amount of elegance. The one pictured is the Navy Blue model although it’s available in other colors and sizes. It’s at the same price point of the one above and they’re both equally as excellent, it all comes down to personal preference on the pattern.

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Gertmenian Platinum Furman Modern Outdoor Patio Rug 9×13, Extra Large, Gold Grain

And finally we’ve got the limited edition Golden Grain rug, the epitome of class. It has the same size as the other Gertmenian rugs shown above – 9’x13′ – which is very large, and features the very best quality you can get in an outdoor rug. The pattern is finely crafted and expertly woven, offering a rich look and feel that is extremely attractive as well as incredibly resistant to use. Every little part of the rug is perfectly finished, leaving no room for damage or wear to occur, and the material used ensures that it lasts a lifetime without losing color or quality even if left outside all year round. The weave is unmatched, giving you indoor rug comfort with outdoor resilience and low maintenance, which is the very reason why it’s more expensive than regular patio rugs. It’s pricey, even more than the other two, but the quality is undisputed.

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These outdoor rugs will completely change the way your patio looks and feels, giving it a comfortable, elegant and extremely welcoming look. From the large outdoor patio rugs that Gertmenian brings to the table to the smaller but still incredibly handsome ones, I’m sure you’ve found the perfect one for you. Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling the community what your choice was!

If you’re looking for more affordable options, make sure to take a look at the cheap outdoor rugs list – you can still get a fantastic product at a low price.

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