Best Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs 2020

Best Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs 2020
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Best Outdoor Chaise LoungesClassic, beautiful and the perfect way to get a tan going, outdoor chaise lounges are a necessity for anyone that wants to enjoy the sun in comfort. The best outdoor chaise lounge chairs are those that are as stunning and comfortable as they are durable, managing to give you outdoor relaxation for years and years while resisting the elements – all at an attractive price. Here you’ll find a selection of the units that hit all of these marks of greatness, ensuring that you get the perfect one. Let’s begin!

Best Outdoor Chaise Lounges

These are the best outdoor lounge chairs for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for you.

Chaise Lounge Estrella Outdoor Chaise Lounge Lakeport Outdoor Chaise Lounge GDF Outdoor Wood Chaise Lounge Set Outsunny Wicker Chaise Lounge Set Hanover Strathmere Chaise Lounge
Price $ $ $ $$ $$$
Quantity 2 2 2 2 + 1 Side Table 1
Material Iron + Wicker Iron + Wicker Acacia Wood Steel + Wicker Steel + Wicker
Cushioning Included
Lays Flat
Warranty 30 Days 90 Days 30 Days 90 Days 1 Year
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair Reviews

Here you’ll find a thorough analysis and review of each outdoor chaise lounge chair shown in the table above. This will show you their unique qualities and ensure you make the right choice.
From metal outdoor lounge chairs to fully wooden ones we’ll find the perfect one for you, let’s dive right in!

Now that you know the essentials, let’s dive right in!

Estrella Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge Chairs w/ Cushions Set of 2

Starting off our list we’ve got the beautiful Estrella outdoor chaise lounge set which delivers good looks and comfort at an affordable price. The set contains 2 chairs, both of which have a sturdy iron frame that has been powder coated to increase its weather resistance while the bodies are made of handsome multi-brown resin wicker which is weatherproof and nicely finished around every edge. Each chair measures 26″x77.5″ (width x length), stands at 13.5″ of height and due to the iron frame can hold up to 250-300 lbs of weight safely. They also come with free ivory-colored cushioning which not only looks great and adds comfort but is also water resistant – perfect for poolside use. No chaise lounge would be finished without an adjustable backrest so that’s exactly what you get as well with each chair featuring a smooth, safe and easy to use saw-tooth mechanism. Their simple design and neutral color combination  make it very easy for you to fit them with any decoration you’ve already got going while still giving your outdoors a boost in elegance. Assembling them is a piece of cake and the whole set comes with the standard 30 days of return period. The only drawbacks I’ve noticed are the iron frames – they can still rust even with the powder coat, unlike stainless steel or aluminum outdoor chaise lounge units – and the lack of casters which would be handy for chairs this heavy (also related to the iron frame). Apart from that the Estrella outdoor chaise lounge set keeps things simple but effective, resulting in a handsome and affordable option.

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Christopher Knight Home Lakeport Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounges, 2

With a sleek modern design, quality construction and smart features, Christopher Knight Home’s Lakeport outdoor patio lounge chairs enter the list as one of the more popular choices. While it does have its drawbacks such as non-rustproof hardware (many companies make this mistake, sadly) and wicker that can start to pop off with time (common with all-wicker furniture), they can be prevented by storing the set during rough weather but also outshined by its other qualities, as we’ll see below. Starting off with the dimensions, each of the 2 chairs measures 29.5″x80.8″x11″ (width x length x height) making them quite large but still easily stored due to their handy stacking design. The frames are made of powder coated iron, ensuring sturdiness, while the bodies are completely made of weatherproof multi-brown resin wicker that gives it a very unique look, especially due to the chairs’ curved design which is a staple of modern outdoor chaise lounges. These curves also improve comfort and even with the backrest tilted up they perfectly contour your body. Speaking of comfort, cushioning for the chairs is also included (even though you can use them without) and you can choose from a wide variety of vibrant colors – red, jungle green, navy, beige, charcoal and more – perfectly adapting to your personal taste, just remember to store them when it rains. As a bonus they come completely assembled, sparing you time and effort, and have a 90 day warranty. Real thought and effort was put into this set. From the smart unique design to the great fit and finish, it stands out as one of the best – even with the iron frame and hardware – and the attractive price makes it all the better. It’s also available as a 4 pack, a single unit or as a twin-size and whichever you choose it’s one of the best outdoor wicker chaise lounge sets you can get.

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Great Deal Furniture Paolo Outdoor Acacia Wood Chaise Lounges, 2

One of my favorites of all time, this set of stunning wood outdoor chaise lounge chairs offers you the gorgeous natural looks of wood combined with a great design and relaxing comfort, resulting in an outstanding addition to your patio. Each chaise lounge measures 24″x78.75″x32.75″ (width x length x height) and can hold up to 300 lbs of weight due to their sturdily built acacia wood bodies. Acacia wood is also a great fit for outdoor use, offering you much better weather resistant than most types of wood (except very high quality ones such as teak, shorea or eucalyptus) and its natural good looks give the chairs an effortless boost of elegance. The wood already comes finished with teak oil and to extend the set’s life I recommend that you give it a new coat whenever needed (around once or twice a year, depending on use). Comfort’s also a guarantee due to the included weather resistant cushions which are surprisingly thick and plump plus their beige color perfectly complements the wooden frames. The design is classic, good looking and effective, making for a relaxing experience all the way from the simple assembly to the smooth backrest adjustment and finally, the best part, its usage. I’ve noticed that depending on the seller you might get regular or stainless steel hardware, with the latter being much better, so even if you get the regular version I recommend that you go to a hardware store and get yourself the same little pieces in stainless steel – it removes the possibility of rust and prolongs the set’s life (plus it’s super cheap). The set also comes with 30 days of warranty and with little to no drawbacks to be pointed out, it’s one of the best outdoor chaise lounge sets you can get.

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Outsunny 3 Piece Rattan Wicker Chaise Lounge Chair Set w/Side Table

Moving on to a fuller experience, Outsunny’s 3 piece black outdoor chaise lounge set gives you class and comfort with an added touch of handy convenience given by the beautiful matching side table that comes bundled in. Featuring a rust-resistant steel frame and and a stylish resin wicker rattan body, it delivers a durable and sophisticated presence that stands out from the rest. While each chaise lounge measures 27.5″x76.5″x16.5″ (width x length x height), they’re still lightweight enough to move around with ease and can endure up to 400 lbs of weight safely. The table measures 20″x20″, stands at 13″ of height and has a gorgeous glass top, making it the perfect sidekick to your relaxation experience – use it to place drinks, a stereo, your phone and anything else you want to keep at an arm’s reach. Comfort-wise this set really impresses due to the great cushioning, it’s thicker than most and has a comfy filling that combined with the adjustable backrest makes you want to stay there laying down all day. Their cream colors also beautifully contrasts with the dark wicker and the overall sleek modern design of the set really makes it pop, especially due to the side panels which most units don’t have. The little details are there as well, from the metallic feet to the perfectly covered edges, you won’t find a flaw with the set’s aesthetics. Assembling it is a breeze even though the instructions are minimal and the set comes with 90 days of warranty. It’s comfortable, ultra sleek and the side table is a wonderful addition in both looks and convenience, making this set a fantastic choice at an equally fantastic price.

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Hanover Strathmere Outdoor Luxury Chaise Lounge

I saved the best for last. Hanover’s superb Strathmere is easily one of the best outdoor chaise lounges I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. From style to comfort and durability, this beauty has it all and more. Its design is as classic as it is opulent, giving off a luxurious presence that’ll nicely complement your outdoors plus you can also choose the cushion’s color – ocean blue, navy, silver, cork, red (pictured) and more – perfectly adapting to your personal preference. The cushion itself is also mighty comfortable due to its extra thick body and with the help of the included lumbar and accent pillow, you’re in for a world of relaxation – I’ll even say it’s the most comfortable outdoor lounge chair I’ve ever used. All of the cushions are made of quick drying olefin fabric which is water and fade resistant as well, with the only drawback of the whole unit being that you can’t remove the covers to easily wash them. Moving on to its body, it features a sturdily built heavy-gauge steel frame with a hand-woven polyethylene resin wicker body, both of which are durable and highly resistant against the elements – perfect for outdoor use. The whole chair is larger than most, measuring 29.50″x83.75″x39″ (width x length x height) and it can endure more than 250 lbs of weight safely. While the unit’s design alone is stunning, the hand-woven resin wicker is impressively well crafted and really makes the chair pop – no edge is left uncovered and every little detail is well-finished to ensure that it doesn’t unravel. The back’s also adjustable, as expected, so that you can fit its angle to your liking. The assembly is a breeze and the chair comes backed with 1 year of warranty, giving you extra peace of mind. Hanover knocked it out of the park with this one, delivering one of the very best outdoor chaise lounges you can get and still managing to make its price attractive. I highly recommend it.

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Be it for tanning, reading or simply relaxing under the sun, nothing beats a patio chaise lounge chair. I hope you’ve found your new set and be sure to send me an email or leave a comment below if you’ve got any questions – I’m here to help!

If you’re looking for more affordable options, feel free to check the cheap outdoor chaise lounge chairs list. There are some great units at really outstanding prices.

And that’s it, no matter how you’ll use these beauties –  as outdoor pool chairs, outdoor tanning chairs (my favorite) or simply as outdoor patio lounge chairs – I’m sure that you’ll be incredibly happy to have them by your side.

Thanks as always for reading and I’ll see you on the next one!


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