Best Fire Pits 2020

Best Fire Pits 2020
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Best Fire Pit ReviewsPowered by wood or by gas, fire pits are getting more popular each day due to the warm and elegant touch they bring to your outdoors. Fun filled nights with unmatched entertainment and comfort are a guarantee when you’ve got one of them. There are hundreds of options out there but right here you’ll only find a selection of the very best fire pits you can get. This will save you time, money and spare you a lot of disappointing experiences (trust me, I’ve been there).

Each and every one of the pieces listed below has been personally tested in a variety of ways – close inspection, putting it through hard use and the hardest test of them all – time. To make it onto the list a fire pit has to offer excellent value. This means that it has to be well-constructed, resilient to use and the elements, provide great heat and performance and of course, be well-designed and beautiful.
There are two types of fire pits – gas and wood. Both have their own unique qualities and advantages, coming down to personal preference in the end. I’ll give you a quick introduction to each type below and my personal recommendations for each as well. After that, you can read the full articles about each type that feature comparison tables, in-depth fire pit reviews and more. Let’s get to it!

Best Fire Pit Reviews

Here you’ll find the best rated fire pits of each type.

Best Fire Pits – Propane

Versatile and super easy to use, gas fire pits are a fantastic addition to patios and can even be used inside – making them the best fire pits for wood decks as well. With the push of a button and a turn of a knob, you’ve got yourself a fire. They use “fire glass”, lava rocks and a variety of other things as a replacement for wood, all of which are quite beautiful and create visually pleasing flames. They can use either propane or natural gas and are in general more expensive than their wood burning counterparts.

Out of all the fire pits reviewed, these standout as the best of their category:

Crawford Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pit with Lava Rocks

The Crawford is a beautiful, classic-looking fire pit that features some of the best faux-stone work I’ve ever seen. It’s well-built and big enough to hold a 20lb propane tank inside, hiding it from view, and the controls are straightforward and effective. It has a great presence and the 40,000 BTUs of heat output ensure a comfy heat-wave around it. Couple all of this with a surprisingly low price and you’ve got a fantastic choice.

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If you want to read the full article on this type of fire pit (featuring a comparison table and in-depth reviews of the best units), head on over to the best propane fire pits list.

Outland Fire Table w/Black Tempered Glass, Model 401 (Espresso Brown)

More of a fire table than a pit but so extremely good that I had to include it. Outdoor Great Room knocked it out of the park with this unit – it’s incredibly elegant, classy as can be and features superb construction quality to boot. It’s a sizable addition to your patio, being large enough to hold a propane tank inside and offering a spacious top that makes for a great table. The design and materials used are both excellent, the stunning black-glass top reflects the dancing flames to create a beautifully entertaining experience while the wicker panels easily match with any patio décor. It’s resistant to use and weather and the controls are easy to use as well. One of the best fire pits of all time and a personal favorite.

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To learn more about fire tables, make sure to read the complete best fire tables article. It features a comparison table and a thorough analysis of the best units.

Best Fire Pits – Wood Burning

The classic wood burning fire pits are known for their great resistance to use and weather and are also preferred by people that can’t live without the feel of the real deal. They require much less maintenance and produce much more heat than the other type but are harder to light-up and cleanup as well. While some high-end ones can be expensive, you can get fantastic ones at lower prices as well.

Just like the ones above, the following units are what I consider to be the best fire pits of their category:

Titan 40″ Solid 100% Copper Fire Pit Bowl Wood Burning Patio Deck Grill

I love these things so much that it’s incredibly difficult to pick a “winner”, but all things considered I’d say the Titan Copper Fire Pit is worthy of the title. It combines a unique and elegant design with heavy-duty durability and an excellent price-tag to deliver a near-perfect package. Its large size allows you to build big, roaring fires and the stunningly beautiful solid copper bowl coupled with the powdered iron base ensure that it will last you years upon years of service and look good while doing it. It’s also 100% American Made which is a welcome bonus, making it one of the best backyard fire pits I’ve ever had.

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Ohio Flame 30in. Diameter Fire Pit in Natural Steel Finish

Another entry that qualifies as one of the best fire pits I’ve ever had the pleasure to own, this beauty by Ohio Flame delivers tank-like durability and great looks at a very attractive price. It gives a new meaning to heavy-duty, featuring high-gauge steel that is thick enough to endure use and abuse with ease. Not even the roughest fires or harshest weather can dent this thing, the only change is that with time it will develop a beautiful, natural patina that further elevates its looks – it will never rust or corrode, even if left outside unprotected. It’s also 100% American Made and hand-crafted by an experienced artisan, making the quality instantly apparent. This model, “The Patriot”, is available in a variety of sizes that range from 30” to a massive 48” in diameter and all of them feature the same level of quality. It gives you top-tier quality at a great price, what’s not to love?

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If you want to see a complete list featuring a comparison table and in-depth reviews of the best units, be sure to read the full best wood burning fire pits article.

These are without a doubt some of the best outdoor fire pits you can get (although propane ones can be used indoors as well). There are other great options available, as you can see in the full articles, but these offer incredible value for their price which makes them standout as excellent choices.

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Now, what makes these the best backyard fire pits on the market? Value. Whenever I buy a fire pit I make sure to give it pretty rough testing and thorough examination. This is due to personal experience on disappointment – that feel when you get a sub-par unit when you thought it’d be great is devastating, especially if it was expensive. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, I thoroughly test every fire pit to see if it earns a spot at the top. I test its performance, resilience, construction quality, packaging, heat output (if it uses propane), features and of course, I give my opinion on its design and beauty. If the unit hits all of these marks, it gets a place in my top rated fire pits list. While you get higher quality with the more expensive options, the lower to mid-end ones will still deliver a great experience as I never list fire pits that cut corners to lower the price. They might have fewer features and be simpler, sure, but their quality won’t disappoint. In short, those rare cases that perfectly combine price and quality to deliver a truly remarkable unit get personally recommended in my best fire pit reviews list. They don’t have to be super expensive or super cheap, they just have to strike that sweet-spot of offering a great bang for your buck.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that I’ve been able to help you find your new fire pit! For a more in-depth guide on each type of fire pit don’t forget to read their respective articles and as always, leave your opinions in the comments section below. Thanks!

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