Best Picnic Tables 2024

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Best Picnic Tables Always fun with family or friends, picnic tables give you the opportunity to enjoy nature while you eat, drink or just plain talk. Not only are they useful but their classic design beautifully compliments your outdoors, giving it a more familiar and comfortable ambiance. They’re super popular and there are tons of choices out there, which is exactly why we’re here today. We’re going to take a look at the top units I’ve had the opportunity to test over the years and now personally consider to be the best picnic tables you can get, all of which have been thoroughly examined, ensuring their quality and removing the need to buy one blindfolded. We’ll start by looking at the comparison table to give you a quick overview of all units, then further below you can read in-depth reviews of each one.

Best Picnic Tables

These are, in my opinion, the best picnic tables for sale on the market right now, thoroughly compared for your convenience.

Picnic Tables White Cedar Log Picnic Table Bowman Wood Outdoor Picnic Table Cedarlooks Log Park Style Picnic Table Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Picnic Table Highwood Liberty Picnic Table LuxCraft Recycled Octagon Picnic Table White Cedar Octagon Picnic Table
Price $ $ $ $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$
Table Size (LxW) 6'x2.25' 6'x3' 5.7'x2.5' 6'x4' 6'x4' 5' Diameter 4.75' Diameter
Seats & Max Weight 6 - Unknown 6 - "No Limit" 6 - Unknown 6 - Unknown 6 - "No Limit" 8 - "No Limit" 8 - "No Limit"
Body Material Cedar Wood Acacia Wood + Iron Cedar Wood Cedar Wood Highwood Composite LuxCraft Composite Cedar Wood
Special Feature Fantastic Value Unique Log Design Extremely Durable Extremely Durable Highly Durable + Stunning
Warranty 15 Days 3 Months 1 Year 1 Year 12 Years Lifetime 15 Days
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Picnic Table Reviews

Here you can read a full analysis of all my personal best picnic table picks shown above. This will give you a complete understanding of what they have to offer.

White Cedar Log Picnic Table with Detached Bench

This charming off-white picnic table with detached benches included features a beautiful all cedar wood body that ensures fantastic resilience against the elements and a log-styled design that gives it a rustic, unique look. It’s handmade in the USA and has some pretty great construction, as is evident in its well crafted mortise and tenon joints. The dimensions fit the norm, with the table measuring 6’x2.25′ (length x width) and the benches measuring the same length and nearly half the width. They’re also more comfortable to sit on than most of the ones I’ve used. It takes a bit of time to assemble, around 45 minutes, and comes with the standard 15 day return policy although the brand and great customer service will stand behind the product and help you solve any possible issues even after that period. It’s got that classically handsome rustic look and offers nice durability, making this backyard picnic table a great option.

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Bowman Wood Outdoor Picnic Table and Benches

Super popular for a reason, the “Bowman” is a beautiful wooden picnic table set that finds an excellent balance between price and quality. The Acacia wood body on both the table and benches is dense, sturdy and comes with a nice finish, giving them good resistant against use and the elements while also having natural good looks. I still recommend covering it during rough weather of course, to extend its life. The legs of the set are made of powder coated iron, which perfectly matches the wood’s color while also being rustproof. Overall, the table’s around 6 feet long and 3 feet wide – with the two benches being slightly smaller of course – which is the regular 6 ft picnic table set sizing. There’s some assembly required although it’s very quick and it comes with 3 months of warranty as well. At such an affordable price, it’s in my opinion one of the best picnic table sets you can get for the money.

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Cedarlooks Log Park Style Picnic Table

Liked the previous unit but wished it had attached benches instead? Then this picnic table’s for you. The size and log styling is very similar, the wood used – white cedar – is the same and so is the construction quality. It measures 5.7’x5′ (length x width) overall, and it has plenty of room below the table for your legs as well since it stands at 2.5′ of height. The assembly is quick and easy plus the unit comes with 1 year of warranty. With a nice price to boot, it’s an equally great picnic table as the one shown before.

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Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Picnic Table with Attached Benches

Lakeland Mills has always positively surprised me with their products and this classic wooden picnic table is no exception. It’s made of white cedar which is, as I’ve mentioned before, extremely resistant against rot and weather, making this unique picnic table perfect for the outdoors. The table itself is pretty big – it measures around 6′ x 4′ (length x width) – and as you can see the legs and supports are actual cedar logs, giving a really natural look to the whole unit. It’s comfortable to use as even though the seats might be a bit short, there’s a lot of leg room to compensate. It’s sturdy and hefty as well as you’ll notice when assembling it, which is by the way a pretty quick task. The unit is covered by 1 year of warranty too. This outdoor wood picnic table is as classic as it gets and with the brand’s trademark durability to boot, it’s virtually guaranteed to please.

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Highwood Liberty Composite Picnic Table

Trading in wood for the popular Highwood composite, this heavy duty picnic table is sure to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance and look good while doing it. As a composite picnic table it’s extremely durable, good looking and very easy to clean. This is one large picnic table, measuring 6′ x 5.8′ (length x width) and standing at 2.5 feet of height, which offers you plenty of room to work with. All the edges are rounded and smooth, giving you an extra level of safety, and the seats are wide and comfortable. It’s a breeze to assemble and even though it’s quite hefty (weighs around 177 lbs) it’s still easy to move around with two people. To wrap the whole package nicely, it comes with an enormous 12 year warranty to give you extra peace of mind. It’s beautiful, it’s sturdy and it will likely last a lifetime, making it – in my opinion – one of the best picnic tables you can get.

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LuxCraft Recycled Octagon Picnic Table

LuxCraft nearly always delivers great products and yet this octagon picnic table still managed to impress me. From the stunning modern design to the unbeatable resistance of their trademark poly material (recyclable high density plastic), this unit positively stands out from the rest. The big 5′ diameter table top gives you plenty of space and comes with a pre-made umbrella hole on both the top that goes all the way to the stabilizer block below, ensuring your umbrella stays put even on windy days. Every part of the unit, including the base, is made from the poly composite and this version comes with a fantastic pair of colors – weatherwood and black – that accentuates its beauty. The material, as I’ve mentioned above, is extremely resistant to use and weather, ensuring that this thing look great forever even if left outside all year round. It has four seats, making enough room for up to 8 people to sit comfortably which is perfect for big families. The structure is carefully detailed and expertly crafted to look and perform at its best and the quality is noticeable to both the eye and the touch. It comes extremely well packaged and is a breeze to assemble plus it comes with an incredible lifetime warranty. It’s also available in other color combinations if you prefer, although this one’s my favorite. Summing up this unit in one word, it’s excellent. It hits every mark of greatness and enters this article, in my view, as one of the best picnic tables on this list.

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White Cedar Octagon Walk-In Picnic Table

A wooden octagon picnic table is just pure beauty. This extremely robust, beautifully designed and handcrafted wooden picnic table is what top notch quality looks like. Handmade in the USA by expert Amish craftsmen and 100% built with white cedar wood, it features unmatched quality coupled with natural resistance to use and weather. This allows it to easily endure the elements while still being made of natural wood, which is something I appreciate immensely. All steel hardware used is rustproof as well, matching the rest of the unit’s durability. The table top measures 4.75′ in diameter and the overall length (from edge to edge of the benches) is 7.3 feet. It features 4 well sized benches, allowing you to comfortably sit up to 8 people at once. The craftsmanship on display is stunning, from the fit and finish to the decorative lines, everything looks superb which makes this table a beautiful centerpiece for your outdoors. It comes unfinished, lending it a handsome natural look and also allowing you to finish it with your favorite stain if you prefer. There is some assembly required although it’s fairly straightforward but remember that due to the hefty size and weight of the unit (445 lbs), it’ll be delivered curbside and depend on you to move it home. I highly recommend that you have at least 4 people to do the task safely and quickly. Keep an eye out for promotions as well, I got mine at around 35% off which is a great discount. It comes with the standard 15 days return policy plus the brand will back their product after that, just give them a call and they’ll fix any eventual issues although I doubt you’ll ever need to. It’s the most beautiful octagon picnic table for sale on the market and coupled with its lifetime durability, it’s without a doubt – in my opinion – among the very best picnic tables money can buy.

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When you’ve got one of these, good times outside are a guarantee. Keep in mind that even though all of these are highly resistant to the elements, the composite ones are the real weatherproof picnic tables due to their extremely resilient synthetic materials.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the guide and that you’ve found the best picnic table for your space. If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact me – I’ll be here to help!

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the next one!

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  1. Hey Jack, I got the Highwood Liberty the other day due to your recommendation and I waited until I had it all setup before coming here to comment. Now that it’s all done I’ve got one thing to say – thank you! Not only is the table a beauty to look at but the material and build quality are both outstanding, it’ll last forever. You’re great!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience Abe, I really appreciate it. I’m very happy that you like it and you’re absolutely right – it’s beautiful and it’ll last a lifetime. Have a great day!

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