Best Cantilever Patio Umbrellas 2022

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Best Cantilever Umbrella ReviewsWhen it comes to providing shade with elegance and class, nothing beats a cantilever umbrella. Their uniquely beautiful design and large presence makes them not only fantastic sun blockers but also excellent decoration pieces for your patio, giving you the best of both worlds. Plus, since they’re offset umbrellas, they are extremely versatile and can be placed virtually anywhere with ease.

There are a lot of options out there but I’ve selected only those that I personally consider to be best cantilever umbrellas I’ve ever used and listed them here for you. To make it on the list they have to be sturdy, resilient against use and weather, offer a good looking and functional design and of course, offer great value for the price. Let’s take a look!

Best Cantilever Umbrellas

These are, in my opinion, the top cantilever umbrellas – all thoroughly compared for you.

Umbrella Abba Patio Offset Cantilever Umbrella 11' Grand patio Deluxe 10 FT Curvy Offset Patio Umbrella Outdoor Patio Cantilever Umbrella 11' w/Lights Purple Leaf 11' Double Top Cantilever TrueShade Plus Square Cantilever Umbrella
Price $ $$ $$ $$ $$$$
Width 11 Feet 10 Feet 11 Feet 12 Feet 10 Feet
Fabric Polyester Polyester 220/gsm Polyester Polyester 240/gsm Sunbrella
Special Feature Banana Style Design Solar Powered Led Lights Great Bang for the Buck Hanging Design + Excellent Quality
Warranty 30 Days 1 Year No Info 30 Days 5 Years
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Cantilever Umbrella Reviews

Here you can read an in-depth analysis of each cantilever umbrella listed in the table, ensuring you know exactly what they have to offer.

Abba Patio Offset Cantilever Umbrella 11-Feet

Starting off our list is this inexpensive 11 feet wide unit from Abba Patio. For a cheap cantilever umbrella it’s a pretty solid product, featuring easy to use controls, large shade and good looks at a low price. The canopy is made from polyester, making it easy to clean, resistant to mold and quite colorfast. The crank lifting system handles smoothly and the 5 position tilt function does as well which is great to track the sun. Although the ribs are made of steel, the body is made of aluminum which makes it decently resistant while keeping it lightweight. While very strong winds can start to bend it, it won’t happen if you live in calm areas and if it does gets windy, simply take it inside to better preserve it. It also comes with a free cover. If you’re on a budget but still want a big and handsome cantilever umbrella, this is a great choice.

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Grand patio Deluxe 10 FT Banana Style Patio Cantilever Umbrella

Standing out due to its unique curvy design, this 10 feet wide cantilever umbrella offers durable construction and a stylish look at great price. The body quality positively surprised me, feeling really sturdy and well-put together even when it got windy – the curved pole gives it a bit more flexibility, making it better at handling wind. The body’s all aluminum and the canopy itself is made of 220g polyester which is resistant to use and weather. The crank works well and the whole package is easy to set up. This unit comes with a mobile base included, simply fill it with water or sand to make it heavy (although I’d recommend adding extra weights if you live in a windy area). It’s available in beige or red and has 1 year of warranty. It’s a nice unit that offers a lot of value at an attractive price.

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Outdoor Patio Cantilever Umbrella 11 Foot w/ Solar Powered Lights

This 11 foot wide cantilever umbrella is a solid unit all-around and has a feature that some of you will love – led lighting. The polyester canopy’s ribs have 24 solar powered led lights that aren’t powerful but still give a nice soft ambiance at night, which is their main purpose. It has a classic design and a variety of colors to choose from, all of which look great and fit nicely in any patio. The construction quality is on par with what I expected, the body’s made of steel and everything works smoothly (crank and tilt) although the fabric came out of the ribs quite a few times during testing. The unit also comes with a base and a cover, which is always a nice bonus. All you need to do is fill up the base with sand and water and it’ll hold up the umbrella nicely. The canopy coming off was annoying but after a quick chat with the manufacturer they sent a replacement that worked flawlessly. If you’re looking for a led lighted umbrella, this is a great option.

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Purple Leaf 12 Ft. Deluxe Offset Patio Umbrella

One of my favorites on the list, this big and beautiful unit by Purple Leaf delivers huge shade, sturdy construction and stunning visuals. It’s available in different sizes, shapes and colors but I went for the biggest “round” one which is 12 feet wide. The quality of the materials really stood out, from the way they’re fitted to how resilient they are, everything looks and feels high quality. The crank is well-made and very easy to use, much like the tilt function. What you’ll instantly notice is the beautiful double-top, it’s a real one and very well-made, not just another piece of fabric on top. It gives it an extra touch of class. The fabric used for the canopy is high-quality 240/gsm polyester that is resistant to use, weather and fade while the body is 100% aluminum. It comes with a storage cover and cross base although the weights are sold separately (they’re essential if you don’t already own a set). I was impressed with the looks and the performance, both of which are so good that they make this umbrella one of my all-time favorites and one of the best cantilever umbrellas I’ve used.

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Abba Patio Hanging Offset Patio Umbrella 11-Feet

Featuring a special “hanging” design, this 11 feet wide Abba Patio model stands out from the rest. Not only is the design classy and the colors vibrant, but the construction quality is a step above the previous Abba Patio models. The canopy is made of high quality 240/gsm polyester that will keep it free from mold and preserve its colors from the sun while looking great. The body and ribs are 100% aluminum and very well constructed which positively surprised me since I’ve had some issues with the attention to detail of other models from this manufacturer. The crank and tilt systems work wonderfully well and both are a breeze to use. It comes with a cover and cross base although the weights are sold separately. It’s selling at a pretty great price now, it was $100 more than it is now when I got it so keep an eye out for promotions. Their customer service is also fantastic so if you ever have a question or an issue, they’ll quickly fix it for you. Abba Patio did a great job with this model, and their effort shows, resulting in a good-looking and resilient cantilever umbrella. It’s also available in a square shape.

Currently unavailable. Will update if it gets back in stock!

TrueShade Plus 10ft. Cantilever Square Umbrella

Quality like no other, this TrueShade square cantilever umbrella is a pricey but excellent addition to your patio. Its 10 by 10 feet square shape gives off enormous shade and the top-notch construction quality ensures that it looks good while doing it for years and years. It features a hanging design, much like the model shown previously, and it looks especially great due to the much loved Sunbrella fabric that the canopy uses. This fabric is good-looking, sturdy, easy to clean and super colorfast, keeping your umbrella looking as good as new for years on end. As a bonus, it has a 5 year warranty. The reinforced aluminum body is sturdy and resilient to use and weather but what stands out is the fine attention to detail, especially with the fit and finish of every part from the bolts to the stitching. The lifting and tilting system both work effectively and smoothly but the very best part is its unique ability to rotate. Not only can you track the sun by tilting but you can actually rotate the umbrella in 360 degrees without moving the base – an extremely handy feature. This unit comes with a base, weights for it and a waterproof cover. It took a bit of time to setup but it was more than worth it. If you want what is – in my opinion – the best cantilever umbrella you can get, this is it.

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These beauties will give your patio big shade and even bigger touch of class. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and found your new cantilever umbrella!

While this article will focused on cantilever units, feel free to read the original top patio umbrellas list here to see my overall top rated units for each umbrella type.

As always, don’t forget to leave your opinions or questions below, I’ll do my best to answer them quickly.

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  1. Thank you for your great reviews on outdoor umbrellas.

    Do you have any opinion on best cordless lights to hang under the GRAND PATIO DELUXE 10 FT BANANA STYLE PATIO CANTILEVER UMBRELLA? A light package that will not require recharging and/or new batteries frequently?

    Sure appreciate your thoughts,

    1. Hey Susan, first of all sorry for the delayed response – I hope you still see this! Secondly, yup I do know a few that I really like (I’ve got to get around to writing an article dedicated to this!): Koopower Outdoor Battery Fairy Lights, GDealer Outdoor Battery Fairy Lights and if you’re feeling a little more adventurous and colorful, I recommend the ALOVECO LED String Lights. They’re bright, beautiful, well-made and have quite enduring battery lives. Hope that helps and have a great day!

  2. Hey Jack, I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the excellent guide you’ve got right here. It’s extremely helpful to have a comparison of the top choices. I got the recommended Purple Leaf unit and it’s exactly what I was looking for, extremely happy with it. A huge thanks for your help, it’s highly appreciated!

    1. Thanks Aaron, I’m very glad you found the guide useful. The Purple Leaf truly is a fantastic choice and it’s awesome to know you like it that much – enjoy!

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