Best Porch Swings 2021

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Best Porch SwingsDelivering relaxation with effortless elegance, porch swings are a beloved and classic way to bring comfort and enjoyment to your outdoors. They’re available in traditional wood or modern composite materials and they’re also offered in a wide variety of colors and designs to perfectly match your personal preference. Today we’ll be looking at the ones that successfully combine looks, quality, comfort and price – making them my personal picks for the very best porch swings I’ve ever used. Let’s begin.

Best Porch Swings

These are, in my opinion, the best porch swings for sale on the market right now, thoroughly compared for your convenience.

Porch SwingHatteras Hammocks Sunbrella SwingHighwood Lehigh Porch SwingA&L Co. Royal Red Cedar Porch SwingWeatherly Porch SwingPOLYWOOD Vineyard SwingLuxCraft Rollback Porch SwingLuxCraft Adirondack Plastic Porch Swing
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$$ $$$
Seat Length 4 Feet 4 Feet 6 Feet 5 Feet 5 Feet 5 Feet 5 Feet
Max Weight 450 lbs 500 lbs 500 lbs 500 lbs 600 lbs 800 lbs 800 lbs
Material Cumaru Wood Highwood Composite Cedar Wood Highwood Composite Polywood Composite LuxCraft Composite LuxCraft Composite
More Colors & Sizes
Special Features 100% Wood Body + Cushion Included Highly Durable 100% Wood Body + Great Design Highly Durable Great Value + Extremely Durable Fantastic Quality + Flip Down Cup Holder Fantastic Quality + Flip Down Cup Holder
Warranty 1 Year 12 Years Contact Manufacturer 12 Years 20 Years LIFETIME LIFETIME
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Porch Swing Reviews

Before you buy a porch swing, read these in-depth reviews to ensure that you know exactly what they have to offer – allowing you to make the perfect choice.

Hatteras Hammocks Sunbrella Deluxe Cushion Swing

This comfortable porch swing by Hatteras is good looking and comes cushioned while still being very affordable. It features plump cushioning that’s covered in the much loved Sunbrella fabric, making it comfy, vibrant and resistant against the weather. The most surprising part is the wood used on the frame – Cumaru (aka Brazilian Teak) – which is one of the densest, strongest and most durable woods in the world. Not only will this make the swing very sturdy but the wood’s also extremely resilient against weathering, making it long lasting as well. The seat’s around 4 feet wide, making it big enough to hold 2 people at once comfortably and the swing itself can endure up to 450 lbs of weight on it. It comes with everything you need to set it up, which is a fairly quick process, and there’s also a stand available (sold separately) if you prefer. It also comes with 1 year of warranty and it’s available in 4 different color combinations, all of which are good looking. While the seat could be longer, the rest of this porch swing is surprisingly great – especially at such an affordable price.

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Highwood Lehigh Rustic Porch Swing, 4ft, Nantucket Blue

The first composite porch swing on the list, the “Lehigh” mixes recycled plastic with other proprietary materials which results in a good looking, fade proof and durable body. It’s a 4 ft porch swing, meaning the seat can easily fit 2 people and it’s also curved for added comfort. For a 2 person porch swing it’s very well constructed too, holding up to 500 lbs of weight and the materials used (composite body and stainless steel chains) fend off weather with ease – you can keep it outside all year with no problem. It’s very easy to setup and it’s available in 8 different colors (Nantucket Blue is pictured) and in a 5′ long version as well. It comes backed by an enormous 12 year warranty and it’s 100% made in America by Highwood, a welcome bonus. This small porch swing is simple but effective and its low maintenance trait coupled with a great price makes it a solid choice.

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A&L Furniture Co. Royal English Red Cedar Porch Swing

While there are other popular wooden porch swings that are both made in America and by Amish craftsmen, such as this one, they fall a bit short when compared to this unit. It’s handmade, uses absolutely beautiful cedar wood, has a detailed design (when most are flat) and it’s available in a big variety of finishes such as cedar, redwood, dark, gray or even unfinished, perfectly adapting to your personal preference. The cedar wood is naturally resistant against rot, weather and other deterioration, improving the swing’s durability. As a bonus, it’s a 6 foot porch swing (also available in 4′ and 5′) which makes it larger than most and able to comfortably accommodate more people. The sturdy construction is strong enough to hold up to 500 lbs of weight and the curved seat makes sure you’ll be comfortable. These are made by a small team of experts and they guarantee the quality of the product, as such if you ever have any issues with it you can simply contact them to solve it – that’s their warranty. It’s also super easy to set up, taking only 30 minutes. Overall it’s a great wooden porch swing that features expert craftsmanship, a unique design and a beautiful appearance at a very attractive price.

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Weatherly Porch Swing, 5 Feet, Nantucket Blue

Another entry by Highwood, the “Weatherly”, in the pictured Nantucket Blue color, has a beautiful vintage porch swing look to it. It’s similar to the “Lehigh” model seen previously but it offers a different design and a sturdier back while keeping the same materials and level of construction quality. The one shown here is the 5′ long version, although it’s also available in 4′. Like the other model, it’s made of a plastic composite that is durable and highly resistant to the weather, allowing you to leave it outdoors all year without worries. The 5′ seat offers enough space for 3 people and the swing itself can hold up to 500 lbs of weight. The back’s design looks different than the other model (horizontal instead of vertical positioning) and has an extra layer of composite behind, giving it more heft and resilience. It’s also available in a wide array of colors and comes with the brand’s trademark 12 year warranty. If you liked the quality and price of the previous model but want a different, sturdier design – this is it.

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POLYWOOD Vineyard 60″ Swing, White

This white porch swing (also available in other colors) is among my favorites on the list mainly due to the fantastic bang for your buck that you get with it. It uses Polywood’s trademark plastic lumber, a durable composite material, that aims to give the good looks of wood with the durability and low maintenance of high density plastic. While up close it looks too “even” to mimic real wood, as expected, you get super low maintenance and a really strong boost to durability as a trade-off. This makes the swing very resistant to use and weather, allowing you to keep it outside year-round without it deteriorating. It makes for a very sturdy body too as it can endure up to 600 lbs of weight without stress. It’s also a pretty large porch swing with the seat being 5 feet long, which is enough to easily seat 3 people, and the subtle base curve makes it a comfortable experience. It swings smoothly without creaking and the stainless steel chains ensure your safety. To further improve this vinyl porch swing’s construction quality, it features a steel reinforcement on the back which makes it that much more resistant. If you follow the instructions, it’s a breeze to assemble (takes around 30 minutes) and it comes with a gigantic 20 year warranty to give you more peace of mind. It’s also available in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to match the unit to your own unique decor plus it’s completely made in America. All of this coupled with an attractive price makes it one of – in my opinion – the best porch swings ever in terms of sheer value for the price.

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LuxCraft Rollback 5ft Porch Swing with Flip Down Cup Holders

LuxCraft raises the bar to a new level, delivering an excellent heavy duty porch swing that’s elegant, comfortable, virtually maintenance free and comes backed with a lifetime warranty. The seat is 5 feet long, making this a 3 seat porch swing (at least), and it’s super comfortable due to the rolled seat and backrest plus, due to the strong construction, it can also endure up to 800 lbs of weight. The backrest features a smartly designed and very handy flip down center console as well, letting you place your drinks on it when you need it and then just flip it back up when you don’t – making it very discreet. It uses a composite poly material (recycled plastic) that’s similar to polywood in weather resistance and durability but it looks more natural. The chains are stainless steel which together with the composite body makes for a completely weatherproof swing. The design is classic and well-detailed which coupled with the great finish results in a really good looking unit. Assembling it is very straightforward and as mentioned previously, it comes with a superb lifetime warranty to boot. In my honest opinion I believe it’s one of the best porch swings out there and although it’s priced a bit higher than the others, you can feel the increase in quality. It’s available in more than a dozen color combinations, from cedar to cherry and more, even allowing you to get an all black porch swing (which I know some of you really like). It’s also 100% made in America and I highly recommended it.

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LuxCraft Adirondack 5ft. Porch Swing with Flip Down Cup Holders

And finally, we have another LuxCraft modern porch swing that features all of the quality and traits of the model above while presenting a new, charmingly unique design that offers 3 seats, 2 of which resemble the popular Adirondack chair. It uses the same material – poly composite – which gives it extreme durability, resilience against the weather and makes it very low maintenance. The construction quality is on par with the other model, as expected, and as such the swing can endure more than 800 lbs of weight. It’s also well crafted and uses quality materials in every little part such as the joints and fittings. At 5 feet of length, the seat can comfortably fit 3 people – emphasis on comfort due to the rolled seating and ergonomic shape of the Adirondack styled back. The center console is present as well, making it easy to place your drinks on it by simply flipping it down and then back up again when you don’t need it. It’s available in more than 20 colors including the classics – cedar, mahogany, cherrywood – and some extremely vibrant and popping colors such as red, tangerine, blue, black, lime green and many more. This ensures that no matter your style, they’ve got you covered. It’s fairly priced and it will last a lifetime, they’re so sure of it themselves that they offer a lifetime warranty as well. It’s stunning, unique, strong and it will offer you an endless supply of elegant relaxation.

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There’s a reason front porch swings haven been used for decades – nothing else gives such as homey, cozy feeling.

I’ve also written an article where I go more in-depth about affordable units, you can read it here: affordable porch swings. It’ll help you get a great unit on a budget and there’s also a lot of wooden porch swings for sale there since they’re usually less expensive than composite ones.

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