Best Cheap Outdoor Rugs 2021

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Cheap Outdoor RugsBringing a comfy, welcoming and decorative presence to your outdoors doesn’t have to be an expensive experience – in my view, these affordable outdoor rugs do an excellent job without breaking your bank. All of them have been personally tested and are guaranteed to offer fantastic value for the price which includes quality craftsmanship, durability and of course, good looks. As outdoor products, they’re made of a plastic weave which is both durable and vibrant, making it the best choice to endure the elements without breaking or fading. I’ve noticed that even extremely cheap outdoor rugs feature this type of body so you can rest assured that they’ll resist the weather.

While this article will focus on affordable choices, feel free to check out the original best outdoor rugs article to see my personal picks for the overall top rated units.

Now, we’ll start by taking a look at the comparison table, giving you a quick overview of all units, before diving into the in-depth reviews.

Cheap Outdoor Rugs

These are, in my opinion, the highest rated cheap outdoor rugs for sale on the market, thoroughly compared for you.

Patio RugOutdoor Patio 9x12 MatRedwood Mats Patio RugMad Mats® Molly Outdoor RugMad Mats® Daisy Outdoor Floor RugMad Mats® Garland Outdoor RugMad Mats® Oriental Turkish Outdoor RugFab Habitat Lhasa Outdoor Rug
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$
Size (LxW) 9'x12' 9'x12' 6'x9' 6'x9' 6'x9' 6'x9' 6'x9'
Other Sizes and Colors
Warranty 30 Days 30 Days 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Availability Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon Shop at Amazon

Cheap Outdoor Rug Reviews

Here you’ll find a thorough analysis and review of all the models that are, in my opinion, great cheap outdoor patio rugs as shown in the table above. This will show you their unique qualities and ensure that you find the perfect one.

Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio 9-Feet x 12-Feet

Cheap large outdoor rugs don’t have to be disappointing, and this nice rug proves it. Even at what I consider to be an immensely reduced price, it’s still reversible, got a nice large size to it (9′ x 12′) and the plastic fabric makes it very easy to clean. The main drawback is the overall quality and heft of the rug – it won’t last long if used often and it’ll fly off with light wind – but the colors on the other hand are actually vibrant and good looking. Even then, at what I consider to be an unbelievably low price it’s a solid choice if you want a quick, basic solution.

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Redwood Mats 9′ x 12′ Reversible Outdoor Rug

When it comes to reasonably cheap outdoor rugs 9 x 12 in size, this unit is in my view equally as good as the one seen before. With a set of ground stakes and a carrying bag included, this reversible outdoor rug can be used on both your patio and on grass fields. It’s pretty large, measuring 9′ x 12′, and the pattern is versatile enough to be used anywhere. The plastic body makes it able to withstand the elements nicely while also being easy to clean. On the edges you can find fabric loops to use with the stakes, firmly binding the rug to the ground which prevents it from flying or slipping away. The weaving and seam finishing are both decent and for the price the size is fantastic. In my opinion, as far as super inexpensive outdoor rugs go, this is a decent choice.

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All 4 of the Mad Mats shown here (the Black Aqua, the Daisy, the Oriental Turkish and the Garland) have the same size, amount of quality and price, they’re simply so fantastically beautiful that I wanted to show a few of their best patterns. Due to their uniquely comfy weave and really vibrant colors, they’re also – in my view – fantastically cheap indoor outdoor carpets.

Mad Mats Molly Outdoor Rug, 6 by 9

Starting off with the Black Aqua, this is in my view a cheap outdoor rug that’s available in 6′ x 9′ in size and offers you the famous Mad Mats quality – tightly woven fabric, well finished seams, vibrant colors, comfort and great durability – with a unique retro-styled pattern that goes well with any type of patio decor. Not only is it easy to clean and weatherproof due to the poly material but the unique weaving makes it comfortable to walk on as well. The tight weave allows for intricately detailed patterns and color combinations that give this rug, and others from the brand, an eye-catching level of quality. It’s also hefty enough to use during windy days without worry and it comes backed with 1 year of warranty. You can also get it in different colors and sizes, perfectly adapting to your space. This unit, much like the other ones from the brand, offers excellent value for the price.

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Mad Mats Daisy Outdoor Floor Mat, 6 by 9 Feet

The daisy features a classic floral pattern that is sure to give a touch of life and happiness to your patio. It’s available in either Violet colors (pictured) or Rust, and in three different sizes as well although the 6′ x 9′ offers the best value. The quality of the pattern, fabric, finishing and colors are all on par with the brand’s other models and it also comes with their trademark 1 year warranty.

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Mad Mats Garland Outdoor Rug 6 by 9 Feet

My personal favorite of the bunch, the Garland has a stunning and classy visual appearance that instantly delivers an elegant look to your patio. In size, price and quality, it’s exactly the same as the other Mad Mats but for me this pattern is just one step above. The version pictured is the Blue and White one, although it’s also available in a Teal and Brown or Black and Tan version. Like the others, it comes backed with 1 year of warranty.

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Mad Mats Oriental Turkish Outdoor Rug 6 by 9 Feet

This model, the Oriental Turkish, is by far the most popular out of all, making people fall in love with its combination of a complex pattern and strong lively colors. It comes in 3 color combos – Rust (pictured), Aqua and Brown/Black – and even though this one measures 6′ x 9′, it’s also available in other sizes. It’s strong enough to endure the outdoors all year round and the weaving makes it comfortable to walk on. It’s incredibly well made and the quality shows, as it is especially noticeable in this complex pattern. Due to the poly material this rug is also a breeze to clean and its heft allows you to use it during windy days without problems. With 1 year of warranty to boot, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular and in my view inexpensive outdoor rugs ever.

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Fab Habitat 6-Feet by 9-Feet Lhasa Outdoor Rug

Featuring a vibrant traditional kilim design, high quality craftsmanship and great durability, the Lhasa is – in my opinion – one of the best cheap outdoor rugs you can get. Fab Habitat has great products and this rug stays true to their reputation, offering you a quality rug at an affordable price. Like nearly all outdoor rugs, it’s made of recycled plastic which makes it weatherproof, easy to clean and resilient. The 6′ x 9′ makes it large and quite hefty which is perfect for outdoor use. It’s also decently comfortable and comes with 1 year of warranty, making this yet another fantastic budget option in my view.

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With vibrant colors, striking patterns and robust weather resistant capabilities, these models, which I consider to be great cheap patio rugs, are sure to offer you and your patio the comfort and elegance you’ve been looking for – all while being, in my view, super affordable as well.

I hope you’ve found your new one, out of all of these models that are, in my view, cheap outdoor mats, and that you’ve enjoyed reading. Thanks for stopping by and don’t hesitate to leave your comments below!

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